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The essence of the season is represented throughout this limited edition, kaftan style ankle length Antonia Dress with custom embroidered artwork. This is truly a special piece made in a special way — hand grown, hand drawn, hand sewn, and hand embroidered on 100% regeneratively grown cotton. Embroidery designs include the sun, fruit, flowers, pollinators, quotes, and more. It takes the embroidery artisan about 8 hours to embroider just one dress! Please note, the body is lined from empire seam, down.
By growing this garment, we sequestered 35.31 lbs of carbon.

Regenerative Cotton

Organically Dyed

Ethically Made

Made with cotton from our and Oshadi Collective’s regenerative cotton farm in Erode, India. The farmers use indigenous, healing practices to improve soil, ecosystem and community health.
Made with dyes that are non-toxic to both humans and the environment in facilities that recycle water to be reused in the system.
We only partner with people, factories and communities that pay a living wage, provide benefits and uphold respectful and dignified working standards.