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Your Questions Answered:

  • What is Christy Dawn’s relationship to the land and the farmers?

    Change is a process, not a product. At the beginning of each season we work with our partners at Oshadi Collective to determine how much it will cost to cultivate acreage of regenerative cotton. Then, Christy Dawn pays for all costs upfront and Christy Dawn dresses are made with whatever cotton the farm yields.
  • How many acres are you cultivating?

    This season we are cultivating 40 acres.
  • How much carbon do you expect to sequester?

    Based on our previous seasons of regenerative cotton farming, we expect to sequester 120 tons of carbon over the six month season on these 40 acres.
  • What is the expected cotton yield from this harvest?

    We expect to yield 28,000 pounds of cotton based on our previous four seasons.
  • How do you calculate the buyback price of farm cotton?

    We know the cost of 40 acres and that they should yield 28,000 pounds of cotton, which is $3.57/pound of regenerative cotton. What you earn from your parcel investment depends on the bounty of the yield, but we will honor this rate for whatever it is.
  • What happens if there is a flood, drought or blight?

    Paying for process means you, the farmer and Christy Dawn are at the whim of nature. We know regenerative practices improve soil health, which increases yield and resilience from environmental changes. But nature is unpredictable and this investment invites you to share in the stakes of working with her.
  • Can you lose money on this investment?

    Yes, we cannot guarantee the farm will yield exactly $200 worth of regenerative cotton. It may be more or less depending on the sun, rain, bacteria, bugs, pollen and more. But, we can guarantee that your investment goes towards techniques that improve the farm environment, farmer’s livelihoods and the health of the cotton crop.