Steward of the Land:

Michelle Paradis

Michelle Paradis

I am so inspired by Christy Dawn walking in the intentional ways of holding the Earth closer and embracing that we belong as friends of Mother Earth. I long to be part of the revolution in ways that speak to me and feel true to me. I have been a fan of Christy Dawn since it launched and I am so honored and would love to take these next steps with you.

Michelle Paradis

How Would You Describe Your Style?

quietly dreamy, inviting, offering, soft, gentle, colorful, vibrant, blooming.

What Are Your Favorite Christy Dawn Pieces?

How Do You Honor Mother Earth?

so many ways- chanting, dancing barefoot, eating mindfully and mostly plant based, walking to destinations instead of driving, reconnecting in nature and breathing the same air as her consciously as we find out kinship and belonging together...

What is the Farm-to-Closet initiative?

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