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Brook Power

April 13, 2021

Brook Power
  • My style I feel reflects my Sicilian heritage, my old Los Angeles roots and also Hawaii, where I grew up. So basically, I'm a barefoot raggamuffin wearing not enough clothing on my body and too much jewelry haha!
  • I pray every day that I be more and more conscious of how to better take care of this beautiful place we were given and given the job of caring for. Ive been planting the seeds to work with my neighborhood to implement non toxic gardening practices and chemical free rodent control, a task that can be challenging for our elder generations to accept, but it's a battle worth fighting. I live north of Los Angeles, surrounded by land conservancy and open, wild spaces that once belonged to the Chumash and other native tribes. A Chumash elder told me once how they would wait to harvest the acorns from the oak trees until the birds and squirrels had their first pick. I thought that was the sweetest, and also so sad as that is now a lost era of coexistence. Living surrounded by nature I am constantly aware and reminded of our impact upon the land. From wildfires caused by mismanaged land and drought due to climate change, to poisoned birds of prey laying on the ground, from eating poisoned rats. Fields of glyphosate sprayed crops are just below us in Camarillo, and I see every day the workers planting and harvesting these poisoned crops. It breaks my heart to see my fellow brothers and sisters forced to be exposed to such toxic chemicals day after day. We need to do better! Signs of an unhealthy soil biome are everywhere, and unhealthy humans and wildlife are a byproduct. Ive been healing the soil in my own backyard this past year, excited to see how this little plot of land gives back to us. Its wonderful to know that the earth under my kids feet is un-poisoned and their little hands can at least safely play in this soil. Living sustainably becomes addictive in a way, when you see how everything can come together to support itself. I love creating a balanced, mini ecosystem in my own backyard and home. Even though its far from a perfect cycle, some sustainability is better than none! I pray for the wisdom to effectively encourage others to find ways they can increase sustainability and regenerative practices. And in that way honor our earth, and by doing that honor and heal ourselves, because we are nature too!