Steward of the Land:

Bailey VanTassel

Bailey VanTassel

Being a gardener and mother, the healing of our soil is a passion of mine. I am endlessly inspired by how Christy Dawn has gone straight to the source of their clothing - cotton- and started making changes that are not only revolutionizing our clothes, but the world of their farmers. The regenerative revolution is a part of the legacy I hope to leave for my kids and theirs.

Bailey VanTassel

How Would You Describe Your Style?

I like classics with a touch of country, whether that be a sweet floral or a touch of fringe.

What Are Your Favorite Christy Dawn Pieces?

How Do You Honor Mother Earth?

I garden organically and regeneratively, I teach my children to respect her. I thank her. I love her! I work hard to get to know her.

What is the Farm-to-Closet initiative?

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