Braiding Sweetgrass: The Interconnectedness of All

A Webinar with Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass: The Interconnectedness of All

The writings of Robin Wall Kimmerer - including the poignant Braiding Sweetgrass - have broadened our understanding of our innate connection with the natural world. The ancestral wisdom she carries is powerful medicine. In these times of great transformation and uncertainty, her teachings shine light on a way forward, illuminating a path of harmony and balance. We are so very excited to offer our community a free webinar led by Robin Wall Kimmerer, where she will share some of these teachings with us.

Robin Wall Kimmerer is a mother, scientist, decorated professor, and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Her book of essays, Braiding Sweetgrass, is available in our collection of Offerings. Her words have such power and potency, and we have learned so much from reading her musings on Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants.

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Please join us for a special evening on Thursday, October 1 at 5:30pm PT with Robin as we discuss her work, her words, and the power of Mother Earth that truly connects us all.

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In order to provide you with the most impactful webinar, Robin wants to know which topics interest our community most. Let us know the subjects you’d like Robin to address! Please reach out to us at with your requests!