Sex, Pleasure & Plants

A Webinar with Kiana Reeves from Foria

Plants act as teachers in many ways, and the realm of sex and pleasure is no exception. There is an innate interconnectivity between our sexuality and the Earth itself - the healing and nurturing around these energies is entwined. This Valentine’s Day, Kiana Reeves of Foria will lead us into deep inquiry and understanding around sex and intimacy as a regenerative practice for ourselves.

Kiana Reeves

Kiana Reeves

Somatic Sex Educator

Foria’s Chief Brand Educator Kiana Reeves is a somatic sex educator, postpartum doula and student of all that Mother Earth has to teach surrounding sex and pleasure. She’s an advocate and activist for those seeking to better understand themselves through the wisdom of plants, exploration and intuition.

Please join us on February 14th at 10am PT! We'll send an email with the zoom link a few hours before the event - check your inbox :)

All attendees will automatically be entered to win a Christy Dawn gift card as well as a curated selection of products from Foria.

We request that all attendees be 18 or older. Thank you!