The Sustainable Face Mask

The Sustainable Face Mask

Earlier this year, we answered a call for something we never knew we’d need to make: masks.  Fortunately, because we have our own factory, we pivoted from dressmaking to mask-making. Doing so allowed us to keep our team of incredibly talented dressmakers employed and provided our community with much needed protection. All together, we upcycled over 40,000 yards of deadstock fabric (and counting!), and donated 200,000 masks to first responders and people in need.

You Spoke and We Listened

We weren’t exactly in the mask trade before COVID, so there was a lot of trial and error! We learned that face masks are not a one-size-fits-all, that a too-tight mask will uncomfortably pull at the ears, and if it’s too big, well, it just won’t stay put. And of course, natural fibers are the way to go!

Many months later - and after many, many learnings - we have an array of mask options, all of which are thoughtfully designed and made to last. Our most recent sustainable mask is the proud result of insights gleaned from your feedback and a desire to create something functional, versatile, and incredibly beautiful.

Versatility, Functionality, and Safety

The adjustable straps can be worn tied behind the ears or head, creating ease and comfort for faces of all shapes and sizes. Each mask is 3-ply, exceeding CDC guidelines for facial coverings, and remains breathable and lightweight. A little bit of beauty in a year that has been challenging on many levels.

Sustainably Made in Los Angeles

It remains our determined mission to walk a path towards a regenerative future and to create in harmony with Mother Earth and the people around us. Our masks are created using sustainably-sourced deadstock fabric, and are sewn by hand in Los Angeles. Each mask (or pack of masks!) is quality checked, folded, packed, and shipped to you by our team.

Our Team In The Sustainable Mask