While we're known for our dresses, more than anything, we seek to offer clothing you’ll want to live in each day. I have a small collection of vintage cotton sweaters and pants that I absolutely love, and for years I wanted to create the perfect loungewear set - something I would reach for time and again, that lasts forever, and that honors Mother Earth. Last Autumn, we did just that, releasing The Sonny Sweater and The Sonny Pant (aka The Sonny Set!) to an overwhelmingly positive response. 

A lot can change in a year. We traveled to India in January, spending time with the talented artisans who have been instrumental in helping us achieve our dream of offering loungewear that honors not just our bodies, but Mother Earth, too. And of course, this year's events have made loungewear more of a go-to staple than ever before. What was once a cozy Sunday outfit has become interwoven into our every day.

With that, I'm thrilled to announce that The Sonny Set is not only back, but better than ever! Better for you. Better for Mother Earth. Better for us all. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Organic Cotton

We partnered with fashion and textile brand Oshadi to help us create The Sonny Sweater and The Sonny Pant. We sourced organic cotton grown in India, free from toxic chemicals that would be harmful to our skin and to Mother Earth. The resulting yarn is 3-ply, mid-weight and washed with high-soft, non-toxic finisher, making The Sonny Set incredibly comfy, cozy and breathable. And it only gets better with time.

Organic Dyes

The organic cotton yarn has been dyed only with non-toxic dyes, meaning they’re safe for your skin (your largest organ!) and for Mother Earth. The resulting colors are rich and beautiful - we’ve even been mixing and matching them!

Low Waste Knitting Process

We knit The Sonny Set in a small knitting studio just outside of Tiruppur, India. The studio specializes in panel knitting, which is machine-knit, ultra low-waste knitting. Previously, the knitters would program the machines to the exact size of the fabric panel, and then join the fabric using a circular sewing machine. We have since updated our joining technique from sewing to knitting the panels together, creating a more elevated feel! The entire process results in very little wasted material, making it better for Mother Earth.

Our Team in The Sonny Set

We’ve referred to The Sonny Set as “loungewear” and “sweats” - but honestly, you can wear them just about anywhere, for just about anything. Our team has been living in them!