The Love Collection!

Made for special days. Made for celebrations. Made to Honor Mother Earth.

The love our models, Laura & Emily, share with each other is soft and sweet, strong and all-encompassing, powerful and real. You can see it In the way they look at each other. You can feel it In the way they laugh at half-finished jokes and answer each other’s unspoken questions. We spent one sun-kissed day with them In Ojai, California, sharing sparkling water, insights about love and life, and, of course, taking beautiful photographs.

You’ve been together for just over a year, now. Do you believe In love at first sight?

Love at first swipe :)

Ha! (Laura & Emily first met on Instagram!) Have you ever taken a leap of faith for each other?

Laura: Being with Emily sealed the deal on me moving from New York City to Los Angeles!
Emily: Moving In together. For sure.

What’s the cutest thing about your partner?

Emily: Her tush. Does that make me superficial? I don’t care.
Laura: How much she loves my dog Charlotte. They have such a special relationship and it melts me every single day.

Emily is an accomplished musician—do you ever sing any special songs to each other?

Laura: Anything Emily is writing at the time with her band Dead Sara. I always provide the harmonies. Emily: Also whatever song is stuck In either of our heads at the time—we try to get it In the other’s head so we can both be annoyed together!

What’s your perfect day together?

Slow morning with coffee, go for a hike with our pup at Ernest Debs Park or go to a pilates class at Made by Pilates, have brunch at Kitchen Mouse, take a nap, meet up with friends for a drink, have dan dan noodles at Joy, then Netflix and chilling.

The silliest thing you fight over, and how you make up?

Laura: Definitely me not being as clean and tidy as Emily. Easy to fix, I just have to clean up whatever it is I left behind.
Emily: Being hangry! Make up by overeating.

Have you ever written love letters/notes/secret messages to each other?

Do sliding into each other’s DMs count? Then yes. :)

Yes, sliding into each other’s DMs definitely counts, as far as we’re concerned! :)

We love love, and now, more than ever, we’re holding each other close. Now, more than ever, we’re celebrating human connection, compassion, and companionship.

We want to hear your own love stories, whether it’s a partner, a friend, a sibling, a child, a parent, a grandparent, or someone you’ve never even met. Please share your love with us at