It’s no secret that we love wearing dresses, and the reasons for that are endless. Among them is the versatility of a single dress - paired with a different sweater, sock - and of course, a shoe! - a dress is instantly transformed. With that, we sought to create our first-ever menswear-inspired shoe: The Agnes Oxford. Inspired by a vintage pair Christy has cherished for years, The Agnes Oxford brings a new feeling to our most familiar, most loved dresses. Her brogue details, pointed toe and lace-up-closure add a hint of femininity to this classic menswear silhouette. (And yes, The Agnes Oxford looks great with everything else in your closet that’s not a dress, too!)

Each Pair Is Unique

As we aren’t always able to find identical pieces of leather for each color way, there is some variation in the precise hues of The Agnes Oxford, making each pair beautifully unique. We have grouped them by color category: Saddle, Cedar, Shadow and Noir.

Handmade in Los Angeles

The process of creating The Agnes Oxford is one of great care - a labor of love in every sense, with great attention to detail. Each piece of leather is machine cut, and the brogue details, in particular, require tremendous delicacy and precision. For each pair of The Agnes Oxford, the cutting process alone requires 22 minutes! From there, each loose piece of deadstock leather is assembled (not unlike a puzzle!) before making its way through shaping, buffing, sanding and stitching, before receiving final, finishing touches. You can certainly see the level of craftsmanship involved - and you can feel it, too.