Christy Dawn x Leighton Meester

We're thrilled to introduce The Leighton Jumper, born from the beautiful mind of Leighton Meester - an actress, musician, mother, and woman we admire in so many ways. The Leighton Jumper is made entirely from upcycled fabric, and was sewn here in our Los Angeles factory. All proceeds benefit the Downtown Women's Center, a local organization that focuses on helping women struggling with homelessness. 

The Inspiration

Leighton's original inspiration was from the character “Miss Honey” in the film Matilda - a favorite from her childhood, and a movie she's been rediscovering as a mother. Leighton was drawn to Miss Honey's flattering, sweet style. Right away, she was intent on designing a jumper - it's a silhouette she tends to reach for more often now. They’re comfortable for day-to-day errands and events, and they make getting dressed in the morning that much easier! The fabrics use for The Leighton Jumper are ultra-soft, and the array of colors is suitable for all different occasions.

Downtown Women’s Center

Leighton has been volunteering at the Downtown Women's Center for years, and when it came time to launch our collaboration with her, we took the entire company downtown to spend a morning making and serving to lunch to this strong, empowering community of women. DWC is an incredibly special organization that focuses on helping women struggling with homelessness. Their mission is to advocate for women who need assistance finding permanent housing, health care, and employment. We are so excited to donate all proceeds of The Leighton Jumper to such a beautiful and meaningful cause, and we're grateful to Leighton for introducing us to these inspiring women.

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