The Story

For years, we've wanted to make the perfect boot. A boot that's timeless, versatile, and made with sustainability and longevity in mind. But as we embarked on the production process, we were faced with two options for materials: newly manufactured leather, or a petroleum-based polyurethane. Both cause tremendous harm to the environment. Neither option felt right.

Deadstock Leather

It took months, but we discovered a distributor with reserves of deadstock leather. These remnants were left behind because of minor imperfections, or because there wasn't enough to satisfy the minimum quantities at larger fashion houses. Like all deadstock material, this leather would have ended up in a landfill, but we repurposed it to make The Dawn Boot.

Each Pair is Unique

With only one or two pieces of deadstock leather in a specific colorway, we couldn’t create multiple pairs in identical shades. Instead, every pair of boots we made is its own beautiful, unique color. We’ve bundled The Dawn Boot into 3 color categories: Hickory, Canyon, and Noir.

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Handmade in Los Angeles

We obsessed over the details of The Dawn Boot - from the stitching, to the ankle height, to the cloth cord laces. We didn't make these boots the easy way. We made them our way, and we hope you love them as much as we do.