Steward of the Land:

Sarah Britton

Sarah Britton

I have loved this company and its mission since inception! To see this evolution is deeply inspiring to me, and I hope to the entire fashion industry. I am excited to share this visionary shift with my engaged audience, who is always looking for clothing options that go beyond sustainability.

Sarah Britton

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Bohemian, heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s, vintage, easy going and flowy :)

What Are Your Favorite Christy Dawn Pieces?

How Do You Honor Mother Earth?

I live my life in deep communion with this miraculous planet, growing my own food (as much as I am able in Canada!), saving seeds, eating unprocessed plant-based foods, walking and cycling instead of driving, reducing water consumption - all of these small measures, I believe, are making a difference.

What is the Farm-to-Closet initiative?

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