Steward of the Land:

Jenavieve Belair

Jenavieve Belair

Being able to represent a brand that is giving back to the Earth is so important to me. I moved to the country two years ago to live a slower life and create a smaller footprint. We are currently planting our organic farm and it feels so fitting to have my hands in the dirt while wearing Christy Dawn, knowing they believe in the same things. 

Jenavieve Belair

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Flowy, able to wear while working on a farm. 

What Are Your Favorite Christy Dawn Pieces?

How Do You Honor Mother Earth?

Living the homestead life has made us so connected to Mother Earth. We eat what we grow, live off of well water that we are very conservation with. We are working on building the area of our chickens and goats. We are in the process of planting our farm and making steps to be sustainable in our homestead life.

What is the Farm-to-Closet initiative?

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