Steward of the Land:

Britt Bergmeister

Britt Bergmeister

This is one of the first initiatives from a clothing brand I've heard of that directly works with the land via regeneration. The Christy Dawn team understands the importance of getting their hands dirty in the soil that cultivates the pieces that they create, and that's what I love so much about this regenerative revolution. There is power in sustainability but it goes beyond sustaining business as usual. This initiative takes it to the next (much needed) level!

Britt Bergmeister

How Would You Describe Your Style?

I'm a little bit of everything! Some days I love mixing dresses with motorcycle boots and baseball caps. Other days I'm into vintage rock tees with flowy skirts. Nothing too tight, always comfortable, but always something that makes me feel confident. With anything I wear, I love investing in a good sustainable piece like a nice dress for instance, and styling it with vintage pieces (jackets, scarves, bags) to make the look my own.

What Are Your Favorite Christy Dawn Pieces?

How Do You Honor Mother Earth?

I compost, I bring by reusable water bottles and On Duty Citizen coffee mugs everywhere with me I go. Beyond the everyday initiatives, I try and never stop learning. I think honoring Mother Earth comes with a sense of humility in knowing that it is a never-ending learning, and un-learning, process. I've enjoyed learning about how environmentalism intersects with so many other facets of societal crises and figuring out ways to highlight these intersections. This can be by voting, getting political, or simply listening to and supporting those who have been preaching about environmentalism (and regenerative farming!) for longer than I have. We must listen to the farmers and Indigenous communities who understand the importance of humanity's impact on our land.

What is the Farm-to-Closet initiative?

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