Behind the Seams

How we make our dresses

Designing the Dress

Our lead designer and founder Christy never stops thinking up new dresses. She designs for herself, making the dresses that she wants to wear. Every detail is crafted from a woman's perspective, and that's one of the reasons women love wearing our dresses so much.

Pattern Making

Once the dress has been designed, then its up to Kimberly, our pattern maker to create the pattern. This requires extreme precision and technical skill. Kimberly spends hours and hours meticulously drawing out the precise dimensions for each of the dress's many pieces. Once the pattern is complete, we make a sample of the dress to ensure everything is right. Usually we make one or two revisions to the initial pattern to make sure everything is just right. But its worth it. A perfect pattern means a perfect fit.

The Fabric Hunt

We spend hours and hours searching for the perfect fabric: a great print, soft hand, and the right drape. We only use deadstock, which are the residual fabrics left over from the larger fashion houses. Instead of joining the local landfill, these fabrics join our collection.

...and finally the perfect roll.


The fabric is rolled out and cut according to the dress pattern. Often times, when we find smaller rolls, we only have enough fabric to cut two or three dresses. This explains why all Christy Dawn dresses are available in such limited quality.

...and sew



Our number one priority is the quality of our pieces. We rely heavily on the skill of our seamstresses. We sacrifice speed for precision, paying a premium for the most talented sewers in the city. We believe the best way to make a superior dress is to treat the people making the dresses with respect and dignity. All of our people are payed a living wage and treated as important members of the team. The next time you put on you Christy Dawn dress, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making it.


Each dress takes between 2 and 3 hours to sew. Once assembled, the dresses go through finishing, where they are turned inside out and checked for loose threads, pressed and, finally, placed on hangers.


Before shooting for e-com, Christy styles the look. The Christy Dawn aesthetic is clean and simple. We forgo hair and makeup, preferring a natural look.

The Shoot

Our photographer, James Branaman, shoots all of the dresses at our in-house studio. Having our own studio allows us to shoot dresses on demand, allowing us to put dresses online and into your hands more quickly.

Order Online

As soon as we've shot it, we make the dress available online. Often times, dresses sell out within minutes of being uploaded. To help give everyone an equal shot, we send out an email each time we release a dress. If you want first rights to our newest releases, make sure you're on our email list!


With all of the artistry and craftsmanship that's stitched into the fabric of our dresses, it wouldn't be right if we didn't have a presentation to match. Once we receive your order, we carefully fold and place your dress in a hand made cedar box. Sure, the box costs us a pretty penny, but it affords us a whole lot more beauty...and we'll take that every day of the week.

Finishing Touch

We cap each order with a bundle of fresh lavender. Then its off to the post office with the dress!

Ready To Wear

From concept to your closet, the entire process takes as little as 4 weeks.

Made in Downtown L.A.

The quality of our dresses, the quick turnaround times, and the positive environmental and social footprint we leave can all be attributed to where we make our dresses. We love LA.

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