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A Moment With: Pea the Feary

Pea The Feary

Pea the Feary (Faerie) is an Afrofuturist and Seer, and her work is about possibility, potential and realization. “I truly believe that this concept can be understood by my community in such a way that when we implement it we make gigantic leaps.”

Christy Dawn and Pea have connected and partnered together to remind you of your power on the planet. Your choices matter so much more than you can imagine and when you remain conscious of your everyday choices you are participating in a revolution.

“You can do it like it’s a great weight on you, or you can do it like it’s part of the dance.”
- Ram Dass

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Pea, I am many things but the best summary is artist, mystic, guide for creatives and lover of life.

How did you come to develop your program, Timeline Jumping?

I channeled it one day, I still feel awkward saying that I channel but that’s the best word for it. I asked God/Source to show me how I had shifted the trajectory of my life so fast so that it was repeatable and I sat down and Timeline Jumping was the name I was given for what I had been doing. Everything float out of me and my partner is a gifted musician, and together we created the Timeline Jumping Audio.

What does being a leader in the mindfulness space mean to you?

To be honest, I don’t really think of myself in that way I feel like I’m just a person who does what I’m good at. I feel like if I looked at myself as a leader I would take my life too seriously hahaha.

What is it about “creative geniuses” that you love so much?

What’s not to love! I love artists, I love creative people. They are my favorite type of people on this planet, and I really feel like they understand what we came to the planet for, what we incarnated for. Creative geniuses are people who are willing to honestly express themselves and there’s no gift better than honest expression. I have admired and loved artists my entire life and it’s so fun, helping creative people live life in a way that feels delicious, sexy and honest.

Where do you find inspiration to create your graphics?

I do find a lot of inspiration from furniture, architecture and fashion. Basically anything that involves design I am in love with, interior design, fashion design, industrial design, light design etc…inspires me.

How have you accepted that “you are not for everyone” and what advice would you give to anyone who may be feeling alone/afraid with their creations?

I think it’s much more helpful to think about the people that I am here for rather than thinking about the people that I’m not here for. It’s not to say that I don’t ever care about what anyone thinks. I definitely do sometimes but it’s just not really efficient to pay a ton of attention to it and so I try to remind myself about what I actually care about. I also like to play with the thought that I’m not even sure that anyone else really exists so it’s kind of a waste of time to pay too much attention when I’m not really sure anyone else is out there hahaha.

“Creative geniuses are people who are willing to honestly express themselves and there’s no gift better than honest expression. I have admired and loved artists my entire life and it’s so fun, helping creative people live life in a way that feels delicious, sexy and honest.”

What does regeneration mean to you?

Regeneration is mindfulness, intention, and resourcefulness. I believe it takes creativity to create in a sustainable way. Being fully alive requires awareness. I feel like regeneration, brings back our focus and awareness to how alive we are, and gives people at opportunity to not just mindlessly move through life.

How do you connect with Mother Earth?

First thing is I filled my house with plants. I like to bring nature inside and it’s also very important to me that I live places where I can see the sky every now and then. But the biggest way I connect to Mother Earth is by connecting with other people, I love intimacy and love between others. I’m very interested in humanity and humans are a really fun expression of Mother Earth.

Rapid Fire -
Coffee or tea?

Tea specifically Earl Greyer by the Republic of Tea with a splash of Sown Sweet and Creamy Creamer

What is your favorite herb or flower?
Am I allowed to say Cannabis?

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
I’d absolutely be a palm tree.

If you had a day fully to yourself with no responsibilities, what would you do?
That’s what the majority of my days looks like so it’s usually staring at the sky for a while until I feel the inspiration to make some art and then I might tidy up. Dance in the mirror, smoke weed, play with my dog, watch anime with my fiancé, then have some sort of epiphany that I have to share with the Internet hahah.

Who (or what) makes you laugh harder than anything else?
My friends are hilarious, so they all make me laugh, and also watching TikToks with my fiancé (he’s pretty funny too)

Guilty pleasure?
None of my pleasures are guilty :D

Favorite place to shop?
Going to Whole Foods with my fiancé is like one of the best things in the world so I guess love Whole Foods!

Place on your bucket list?
Oooh Norway, I’ve been thinking about the Northern Lights a lot lately. I’m nervous about the cold though. I’m West Indian my West Indian blood doesn’t do well in cold weather.

What are you currently listening to / watching / reading?
SZA’s album is coming out this upcoming Friday and energetically I feel like I’m already listening to it, feel like it’s already my favorite album. And any sort of luxury real estate TV show I’m in love with. I also am a big fan of anime and KDramas. My favorite thing to read right now is my friend Gabi’s poetry book called Notes on Shapeshifting.

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