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Season One: A Reflection

We have finished the first season of regenerative farming supported by the community of Land Stewards. 332 people invested, 40 acres of land regenerated, and the farm had the highest yield yet.

Let Us Explain:

The Land Stewardship is an experiment in mutually beneficial relationships.

The Land Stewardship invites us into harmonious relationships where everyone wins. By supporting regenerative practices, biodiversity increases, the ecosystem becomes more resilient, the soil holds more water, the land sequesters more carbon, the cotton plants yield more fiber, farmers earn more, fabric producers have steadier work and Land Steward’s investment appreciates.

The bountiful yield and improved soil health from this last season proved that when we invest in regeneration and share the stakes of working with nature, we will also all share in the rewards.

What We Learned:

Why we were gifted such an incredible bounty:

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