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Horoscopes for Spring

April 27 - May 23, 2022    PEAK EXALT : MAY 21 - morning of MAY 23, 2022

This Spring as the eager buds pierce the frost & hardened earth with their soft persistence, the earth is stirring & we are gathering our battle-weary hearts to bloom again alongside her. The Dreaming of Winter with its crystalline reflections & inner worlds has spoken, asking us to awaken our courage, to cast off the protective shell of our past & be unafraid to unfurl our fresh green leaves & greet the sun again.

Astronomy & Vedic Astrology both herald Nature’s formal passage into Spring as the Sun moves into sidereal Aries; its natural point of exaltation or peak strength. So as the “ King ” comes home to his kingdom, all of Nature is called back into the light to greet him/ her. As we reach up & out of the sacred sleep of Winter we too long to return to the light of our own Soul, the “ Atman ” that touches all things unencumbered. But the will of the Soul needs more than inspiration to call new life from the dormant seed; for this we will need the permission of Venus.

Called by the ancient name of Śukra / Shukra ( pronounced “Shook-rha” ) meaning seminal or procreative fluid; Venus holds the mysteries of death & rebirth. She/ he is the fluid intelligence of the genetic code, keeper of the secrets of the seed & the moisture of life that acts as the vehicle for its manifest creative potential. Venus is our infinite connectedness ~ our bond with creation ~ threading our hearts & spreading our seeds through the story of time itself. Through Venus we come to dissolve & resolve, to shed & resurrect our hearts across the ocean of consciousness.

In our efforts to map, follow & bond with Nature through the movement of the heavens we find that while the seed-spark of Spring is initiated by the Sun’s visible movement into the full strength of Aries; the seed itself is called into its full bloom by the hidden alchemy of Venus’s exaltation transit through sidereal Pisces. This transit will last the span of 1 brief month & arrives after a long round of planetary war with Mars stretching over the early months of this new year. We will all be feeling lighter as Venus frees herself at long last from her dance with the god of war & comes home to the oceanic nourishment of Pisces.

Here for the period of April 27th to May 23rd, Venus shines triumphant in her ability to see through the pettiness of life, to forgive the slings & arrows of our pain, confusion, fear & anger. With expansive Jupiter alongside her in dignity throughout this transit Venus’ ability to reach into our rage & choose compassion, to look directly into the face of our fear & invoke faith, to banish our mental confusion with the diamond clarity of Trust is unparallelled. If we open ourselves to Venus’ brilliance during this time, she can lead us to flower into forgiveness, to pour the alchemy of kindness on our oldest wounds, & in the softness of our shared vulnerability uncover a foundation of healing we never thought possible.

The deepest expression of alignment with Venus’ mastery during this transit is in our willingness to consciously surrender not to the concept of “love” but to our inherent interconnectivity. Our inseparability within Nature, within Time is the single most revolutionary procreative power available to us. It is our highest alchemy. It is here in our connection & compassion for all of life that we ignite the power of unity consciousness to heal not just the past but to create harmonic futures unimaginable to the mind but already active & fully fleshed in the inner sanctum of the heart.

With Love & Strength,
Jane Anne

Venus Exaltation Horoscopes
APRIL 27 - MAY 23, 2022:

Horoscopes are to be read from
your Vedic Sidereal Ascendant & Moon Sign
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7. Libra
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10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces


This is an ideal time for conscious chord cutting & casting-off limiting imprints that you’ve buried deep in the soil of your subconscious. Venus will be in peak position to liberate long held illusions & hidden patterns that have held you back dearest Aries.


Venus’ transit alongside Jupiter will bring expansion, generosity & pleasure through community especially at the top of the transit in late April. Pay special attention to who shows up because great gains are possible now.


A big breakthrough of inspiration & stabilization in your career arrives after several years of pushing through against all odds. A change of heart, incredible healing & even a change of home which can feel like an enormous letting go is possible now.


The most generous & compassionate of the planets including your gentle ruler the Moon will be joining Venus at the top of this transit to pour nourishing softness over your weary heart after the emotional density of this winter.

5. LEO︎

Your famous flamboyant flare for romance may have felt snuffed out by pressures of late, but a pile up of all the pleasure loving planet peaks just in time for Venus’ ascent in Pisces reinvigorating your sensual nature in the name of healing transformation.


Venus’ transit drizzles succulent droplets of nectar onto your house of partnership helping you savor the moment amid a flurry of blessings, breakthroughs & pressure to pull off high work demand.


This is a time of incredible dignity with your ruling planet exalted & involved with expansive, passionate & deeply romantic celestial allies. Rare alignments of multiple beneficial yogas abound & surround Venus making this an extremely powerful time for formal commitments in business & especially in love.


Venus’ exaltation with stabilizing Jupiter in your 5th house of romance gives your love life an über boost! With Moon joining them at the top of the transit it is like an explosion of good luck & encouragement for pleasurable travel so break free & fly baby!


Jupiter’s movement into Pisces followed by Venus’ exaltation together bring a welcome wave of peace & healing to your home & private life while casting a benevolent gaze onto your career. This stabilizing force will be with you all year & coincide with a revitalizing cycle of inspired creative fertility.


Venus is your best planet dearest Capricorn so when she’s exalted it’s go time! Your passion, drive & sense of purpose are at an all time high. You have the skill, focus & willpower now to expand your career to new heights.


Show me the money! Venus’ motto this transit is all about blessing your house of personal money which is always good news. You find you have a special tact for golden-tongued diplomacy & ability to release & even forgive childhood wrongs. Pleasure through food, chosen family & finances abounds!


Clear the dance floor, we’ve got Pisces coming in hot people! The crown is yours to shine, share & romance the weary world with your wide-open expansive heart.