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The Trip Packing List:

The pieces we brought along for the ride.

The Roads We Traveled

In search of wildflowers and ancient redwood giants, we hit the road and journeyed up from Los Angeles to the breathtaking coastline of Big Sur. Winding our way slowly up north, we took our time to explore secret meadows and roadside cafes, drinking in the smell of salt water and reveling in each other’s company. Around us, the world felt enlivened with warm Sunshine and new growth — the awakening hope of Spring.

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Collage of photos from the road trip

Map of California and photos from the road trip

The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen

We listened to our favorite artists, chatted about our lives and sometimes just enjoyed the landscape in silence. The 1 Highway is so beautiful that it almost becomes the music in some way.

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Photo from the road trip

Going into this journey, we knew there was magic in the unknown.

Photo montage

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