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The Regenerative Tee is made from all the cotton fiber that would otherwise be discarded during the farming, ginning and spinning of our Farm-to-Closet fabric. This tee was hand tie dyed with natural indigo. 19 pounds of carbon were sequestered to grow the cotton in each tee.

Regenerative Cotton

Naturally Dyed

Ethically Made

Made with cotton from our and Oshadi Collective’s regenerative cotton farm in Erode, India. The farmers use indigenous, healing practices to improve soil, ecosystem and community health.
Made in the studio of a natural dye guru, who trained for over 30 years in the art of dyeing yarns and fabrics with combinations of leaves, roots and barks from native plants.
We only partner with people, factories and communities that pay a living wage, provide benefits and uphold respectful and dignified working standards.