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Honoring Mother Earth

Christy Dawn is committed to practices that honor Mother Earth and all her people. We are all related, each of us interconnected parts of a greater whole. We aim to live and work in harmony with nature, so that all may benefit. Our prayer is that our practices and products inspire others to remember and celebrate their innate connection with one another, and with the natural world.

Honoring Mother Earth

Sustainable Is Not Enough

Since day one, we’ve been a “sustainable” clothing company. But sustaining our current relationship with Mother Earth simply is not enough. Our future depends on regenerative practices that go beyond sustainability to actively heal both Mother Earth and ourselves. Through creating intimate connections with the communities and ecosystems that support us, we can support them. Together, we regenerate.

Reciprocal Relationships

We forge mutually beneficial relationships with all of the people and ecosystems we work with, from the farm and weavers in India to dressmakers and photographers in Los Angeles. We strongly believe in the power of reciprocity and view ourselves as part of a larger web that we all rely on. Every member of the community making our dresses is essential, and we honor their contribution through long-term commitments.

“A dress can only be considered beautiful if the process used to produce it preserves the integrity and beauty of the Earth and her people. When deciding what to wear, we have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact of that process.”

Repurposing Fabrics

We source “deadstock” fabric - the excess fabric left behind by other fashion companies - and breathe new life into it. With deadstock, we’re able to create beautiful dresses without taking part in the extractive and exploitative practices of the conventional textile industry. A dress made of deadstock is sustainable. but we are constantly exploring ways to be more than just sustainable.

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The Organic Cotton Collection

In partnership with Oshadi Collective, we recently introduced our Organic Cotton Collection. Woven with care and consciousness, each piece is made using organic cotton and colored with natural or organic dyes. It’s a collaborative process that involves many hands, from the weavers who create these fabrics to the block printers who adorn them with our beautiful designs. Every dress is a reflection of our charge to honor Mother Earth, and this collection brings us one step closer to becoming regenerative.

Learn about our Organic Cotton Collection→


As Christy Dawn grows, we’re evolving from sustainable to regenerative. The farm-to-closet initiative, which we launched in collaboration with Oshadi, stems from our commitment to deepen our intimate relationship with Mother Earth and the people on whom we rely. The farm-to-closet community includes a regenerative cotton farm and farmers, and a supply chain of local craftsmen who practice traditional and organic techniques that replenish the health of the soil, the planet, and the people. Our farm-to-closet initiative allows us to make beautiful dresses that are good for your skin and good for the Earth. Healthy soil is powerful: it restores natural systems, cools the planet, and reduces pollution.

Learn about our Farm-to-Closet Initiative→

Made To Last

We have gathered the most talented dressmakers in LA and use construction methods that are designed to last. We spare no expense in our production process, electing for techniques that take more time but produce a higher quality product. As we expand production to India with the Farm-to-Closet initiative, we will continue to value our high-quality standards. Timeless Designs: We have an understated timeless aesthetic, designing pieces with classic silhouettes. We don’t design with trends in mind, but rather create pieces that serve as staples for decades to come.