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Our newest sleeveless maxi dress! An update to our Delphine Dress, we've changed the bodice to have a scarf-inspired shape inspired by the border block print we used for this style. There is a subtle cut out detail at the front bodice, and the back corseting allows the dress to be adjusted to fit to multiple body types. The bodice is lined and clean finished for extra support. A full tiered skirt is elasticated at the waist for comfort and ease in wearing. Crafted of 100% organic cotton and block printed by hand, this is the same print we used in Spring but in a new black ground colorway. Inspired by traditional Indian floral block prints, it's an all-over floral design with a matching border print pieced throughout. Block printing is a traditional artisanal technique native to Bagru village in Rajasthan in west India and uses wood carved blocks to stamp patterns onto fabric one repeat at a time. Each meter of fabric is printed using heritage motifs, the print colors are layered on one at a time by a generational artisan and takes several hours to print. This dress is made in collaboration with Projecthrive, who has been incubating these heritage artisans and linking them with ethical global brands since 2009.

Organic Cotton

Organically Dyed

Block Printed

Made with cotton grown on organic certified farms that do not use GMOs or synthetic pesticides.
Made with dyes that are non-toxic to both humans and the environment in facilities that recycle water to be reused in the system.
Made by block printers, who come from seven generations of artisans, using only dyes from plants and prints made with handmade, teak blocks in Bhuj, Gujarat
We only partner with people, factories and communities that pay a living wage, provide benefits and uphold respectful and dignified working standards.