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April 2022 Themes, Thoughts & Reflections

Written by Marysia Miernowska
Author, Herbalist, Teacher & Director of the School of the Sacred Wild.

April 2022 Themes, Thoughts & Reflections
New Moon

New Moon in Aries

April 1st

Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra

April 16th

Partial Moon

Earth Day

April 22nd

Full Moon

New Moon in Taurus & Partial Solar Eclipse

April 30th

April invites us to ground into the fertile Earth and replenish our reserves of the Water and Earth elements to ensure an enduring season of growth for the months to come.

We are now in the growing, expanding, solar half of the year and the days will become longer and brighter as we near the longest day of the year on June 21st, Summer Solstice.

We too are reborn, pregnant with seeds from our Winter dreams, full of possibility and creative potential.

“Slow and steady wins the race,” April reminds us. The fiery spark of March’s Spring Equinox and rising energy of Aries season inspired action and new ideas to expand our horizons.

Flower pot illustration

The arc of growth for all living beings is made of expansions and contractions, inhales and exhales, action and reflection, magick and the mundane.

April is the inbreath. The reminder to ground, slow down, cultivate balance and not rush the process of expansion.

The deeper we ground now into the Earth and Waters, by cultivating rituals of nourishment, connecting to Nature, caring for the garden, the more lusciously true and enduring our blossoms will be.

So ground into your daily practices this month. What will feed you most is what is simple, consistent, grounded, and all that is kind – to you, the Earth and all living beings.

Cyclical Insights

We begin this month with a New Moon in Aries, the first new moon of Spring and of the new astrological year – some say the most powerful day all year for setting new intentions.

All month we are invited to create balance within us and around us – by grounding and calming the rather fiery and airy energies of the start of Spring.

Nourishing herbs like Nettle, Oatstraw, Chickweed and Red Clover will cool, ground, replenish, remineralize and soothe heat and inflammation.

Being outside and off our devices as much as possible supports the balance of our mind, body and heart as we merge with the energies of life’s seasonal rebirth.

The Full Moon in Libra emphasizes our devotion to balance and harmony within ourselves and in our relationships.

In practicing Earth pace, we arrive on Earth Day more embodied. Create a ritual, feast or celebration to honor the nourishment we receive from the Earth! Make a commitment to start a new habit this Spring that benefits the Earth – start composting, start a garden, eat local for a month, quit plastic! Be brave in your love and expanding heart!

The last day of this month brings us another New Moon, completing this cycle with a partial solar eclipse in the Earth sign of Taurus. Enduring change may bloom with greater ease from the nourished vessel you have been cultivating all month.

What would you call this Moon based
on where you live and what you are noticing?

Themes of This Moon

Atmosphere: The land is green with wild food. Get to know your local edible plants that grow in abundance. Fill your body and heart with all that is green and alive!

Movement: Walking meditations will ground the airy energy that can lead to anxiety or a busy mind. Count your steps and breathe deeply. Drink in the sounds and sights of Nature as your bare feet harmonize with the vibration of the Earth. 30 steps will shift your mood. Sweet Pea illustration

Flower: Sweet Pea A feminine flower that sings of innocence, joy and sensuality blooms from the cover crops we plant in the Fall. As the Earth slept all winter, Sweet Pea seeds dreamt and waited for Spring, sprouting early in the season and delighting us now with edible flowers that will bring Peas to munch on. Food for us, balanced with soil building nourishment for the Earth – the teachings of reciprocity and nourishment in a living plant.

Food Medicine: Wild Mustard An invasive weed that colonizes land with joyful, yellow spicy flowers, tall stalks and edible leaves, Mustard is hated by many gardeners and environmentalists. No need to be a plant hater, but indeed a great plant to harvest with a grateful heart, making sauteed mustard greens, adding to soups or sprinkling yellow flowers on salads for a spicy garnish. Red Clover illustration

Herb: Red Clover Spring meadows bloom pink with red clover blossoms and animals graze on these nourishing herbs, making vitamin-rich milk for young calves and foals. A tea of Red Clover will ground you and remineralize your bones, while moving your lymph, balancing hormones and supporting digestion.

Tree: Willows symbolize the rebirth of Spring. The branches have been used in fertility rituals, Easter celebrations and to decorate homes for hundreds of years. A tea made of Willow bark eases pain and tension from muscles and reduces inflammation. Be like a Willow – flexible, resilient and gentle, as you bend without breaking.

Willow illustration