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Adan | Dawn Woven Alabaster

June 24, 2018

Adan | Dawn Woven Alabaster

“I like feeling like I’m vital to the company, even if that means I can’t really miss any days, because I wouldn’t want to leave anyone hanging!”

Adan is the floor manager, and he credits Christy and Aras with creating such a healthy work environment and making his job as easy as it can be. He says them being so honest and fair makes everybody else want to be the best worker they can be. He’s in charge of resolving any issues that may arise over the course of the workweek, and he also does quality control and ensures that everything is running as smoothly as possible. He checks on the product from its first state—in the fabric ream—to its final creation as a dress, and he makes sure that dress comes out the best it possibly can. Outside of work, he likes to study and go to the gym, and he’s currently learning English!