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Karina Deyko is the woman every girl wants to be. There is an effortlessness about her, a subtle sophistication, that is irresistible. "I love beautiful environments and spaces, I love being outside in a country setting.” Says actor, artist, designer and playful free spirit Karina Deyko. Born and raised in the Ukraine where the phrase “Farm to Table” is the norm and where life is imbued with such simplicity. She has a soft spot for all things authentic and is has never been lured in by other's lavish sensibilities.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

For Karina an empty interior excites her whether its updating offices, her Venice beach home or even restoring a vintage Air Stream. All space serves as a blank canvas.

Karina’s go to style: White walls with a flash of color brought in by using textiles and textures as a backdrop to host a myriad of carefully curated objects and curiosities that she gathers from her world travels.

“I don't look for them, most of the pieces I buy find me, I’m not drawn to designer names per say, I'm moved more by instinct than an attraction to a name just for a names sake. For me it’s about forming and creating emotional attachments to the pieces. Thats what gives them meaning.”

Karina loves to develop a space full of stories and dreams driven by her appetite for visual and tactile stimulation. She relies on her memory of snap shots to fuel her inspiration: The Natural History Museum in Paris, the bright colors found in the market in Oaxaca city, the natural elements of the Mediterranean: a crisp blue sea, white sands and a small old wooden boat.

Karina’s obsession with producing beautiful environments is reflected in the way she dresses. A closet full of vintage pieces, “If it does not fit perfectly I never buy it. It should fit like a glove or be left on the hanger."

Using fashion as a form of entertainment and self expression in everyday life Karina loves to push the envelope once a year at Burning Man.

“Burning Man really gives me permission to let loose, it’s where I get to play even more and turn the volume up. Burning Man sets me up to play and it’s a stage to express my art, my love of life and everything in it.”

Lately, Karina has been studying acting in London. When she is in Los Angeles, she spends her time designing her home away from home, a 1953 Flexi Clipper Bus. She and her man are restoring it for an epic journey through South America. Always readying herself for her next incredible adventure in her beautiful life.