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Crafted using super soft washed linen from Belgium, the Liza Dress features an adjustable lace up placket at the bust with subtle embroidered buttonholes and notched neckline. We've added an elastic smocked panel at the back of the dress to ensure the perfect fit will still being comfortable, and paneling seams with topstitching detail to allow for a full flared skirt. Hidden elastic has been placed on the back of the wide straps to give a snug fit while allowing for movement. Finished In an oatmeal color, this Liza Dress has subtle flecking that is unique to linen fabric.

Organically Dyed

Ethically Made

Made with dyes that are non-toxic to both humans and the environment in facilities that recycle water to be reused in the system.
We only partner with people, factories and communities that pay a living wage, provide benefits and uphold respectful and dignified working standards.