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Chambira Mini Bag

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Handmade in the highland jungles of Peru using natural chambira fiber and vegetable dyes, we created a mini bag that can perfectly hold your phone and essential items. It can be worn on the arm or over the shoulder.
Chambira is one of the most important palm species for the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Located 14 hours away from Lima, the Boras women responsibly source the fibers, using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and produce all the knitted pieces. The fiber is hand collected, spun, dyed and knitted by the Boras women. The process to prepare the fiber takes 4 weeks. After it is collected, it needs to be separated into strings by hand, washed, dried, washed again and finally dried in the sun before dyeing. When the color is ready, hand spinning begins. Dyes are prepared locally and the work is done in community. A beautiful variety of colors can be obtained using only natural sources of the area. The signature ancestral knitting method is crafted by needle and knot by knot. Chambira resists even salty water and is very versatile.