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With a smocked bodice, puffed sleeves and gently cinching tie detail, the Katrina Dress evokes the romance of another era. The perfect flowing silhouette - where comfort and elegance meet. The Katrina dress’s fabric is regenerative cotton and hand block printed using natural dyes. Please note, due to the nature of hand blocking, pattern variations may occur and look different from the photos!
By growing this garment, we sequestered 42.61 lbs of carbon.

Naturally Dyed

Block Printed

Ethically Made

Made in the studio of a natural dye guru, who trained for over 30 years in the art of dyeing yarns and fabrics with combinations of leaves, roots and barks from native plants.
Made by block printers, who come from seven generations of artisans, using only dyes from plants and prints made with handmade, teak blocks in Bhuj, Gujarat
We only partner with people, factories and communities that pay a living wage, provide benefits and uphold respectful and dignified working standards.