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Why Deadstock

Why Deadstock

When deciding how to source our fabric, we were confronted by an alarming truth: 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution is caused by the fashion industry. Over 8000 toxic chemicals are used worldwide to turn raw materials into the textiles we all end up wearing. And to make matters worse, in America alone, we send over 11 million tons of textiles to landfills each year.

We were determined not to be a part of the problem, but how? Enter deadstock fabrics.

Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics of other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. Traditionally, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to the landfills. We rescue these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away and we turn them into beautiful dresses.

Because we use deadstock, we rarely find large quantities of any one fabric. Small rolls mean small production runs. Often times, we make only 1 or 2 dresses in a specific fabric or print.

Its the perfect win/win. We get beautiful fabric without polluting the planet, the landfills aren’t quite as packed, and you get a one of a kind Christy Dawn dress that was handmade in LA.