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The Art of Furoshiki

Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art of wrapping gifts (or other parcels!) using spare bits of fabric. The word furoshiki refers to both the art of wrapping and the fabric itself, and we were drawn to this timeless practice because of its sustainable nature. Wrapping paper is rarely recyclable, and around the holiday season, our consumption of this product skyrockets. Aside from the waste it creates, it’s also an expensive, recurring cost and, frankly - we think furoshiki makes a much more beautiful present, anyway! This holiday season we are including one square of furoshiki in each package we ship, in the hopes you adopt this tradition for your own gift giving.


How to wrap your furoshiki

There are many ways to wrap your furoshiki, and we recommend learning a few different methods, for some variation between your presents! The way we’ve illustrated below is a simple 6 step process that creates a clean, special gift for your loved ones.

Step One

Start by laying the furoshiki square flat in front of you, so that one of the points of the square is pointing toward you. We’ve used a dress here, but this method also works well with boxed items!

Step Two

Fold the top square down over the gift, then tuck the corner underneath the gift.

Step Three

Fold the bottom square up over the gift, then tuck the corner back underneath itself, so all the edges are neat.

Step Four

Fold one of the sides over the gift, and roll it under itself so it tapers and forms a nice clean “arm” of fabric.

Step Five

Repeat this one the other side. You should have two little arms of fabric now.

Step Six

Double knot your two arms of fabric, and voilà - you’re done! We think the imperfect and homemade nature of furoshiki is part of what makes it so special. As an added detail, try adding a sprig of pine or something from your yard and garden, whatever is in season!

You can make your own furoshiki, too! Cleaning out your closet and find a shirt with a hole in it? Cut around the hole and make a new piece of gift wrapping. The best part is - you don’t have to own a sewing machine. Leave the edges unfinished!

Starting December 9th, we'll include a complimentary furoshiki square in your Christy Dawn order. This is available while supplies last - we hope you enjoy practicing sustainable gift wrapping!

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