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You need only look at a Sunflower to understand how Nature sings to our inner beauty through the language of patterns.

The head of a Sunflower is arranged with seeds expanding outward from the center in a spiraling pattern. If you were to count these spirals, you would find that they follow the Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence – a mathematical pattern that reveals how our physical universe arranges itself, particularly in the perfection of natural symmetry. Take another look, and you’ll find that the seeds are arranged to form the Flower of Life, a geometric sequence of overlapping circles that embody the interconnection between all beings.

The Golden Ratio, The Flower Of Life

Hidden in the arrangement of the sunflowers petals is its song, a frequency that hums along with the cosmos

What does the Sunflower and the human heart have in common?

The Golden Ratio. Our internal structures mirror this sequence as well, with recent studies in cardiology revealing that the pulses of the heart align with the Golden Ratio to find balance. Nature uses this pattern as it compass – a way to maximize efficiency through geometric alignment and synchronize with the heartbeat of life itself.

How To

Meditate With a Sunflower:

Our Sunflower Print in Regenerative Cotton.

There’s a lot of information packed within the petals of this one flower. A divine diagram of our cosmos made from plant fibers, boldly beaming with the Sun each day.
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Next time you revel in the golden beauty of the Sunflower, listen closely to the music it sings to you.

Everything in Nature has a sound, and the Sunflower is no exception. Hidden in the arrangement of its petals is its song, a frequency that hums along with the cosmos.