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New Moon in Vishākhā

New Moon in Vishākhā

New Moon in Vishākhā

An electrifying new lunar month begins as Saturday evening’s New Moon comes into union with the sun in an ancient star sign known to the Vedic sages by the name of “Viśākha” विशाख (pronounced : ViSH-Ah-Kha ). Translated from the Sanskrit Vishākhā means “The Forked Branch;” indicating a tree who’s body has split into two distinct trunks during its growth cycle creating a division that the tree must balance deftly & ultimately harmonize as it grows.

This great challenge, this division of a body (& spirit) once whole, gives rise to Vishākhā’s famous smoldering, penetrative intensity as it burns from a place of unwavering inner warriorship. November’s new moon & the lunar month to follow puts us directly in touch with that unflinching guardianship within; that seed-spark of the soul born of our primordial & deeply spiritual desire to know true union again.

Like the animal totem of this star sign - the male tiger - in order to thrive we are asked to walk a delicate line between two opposing polarities; to become fluidly agile, even emotionally graceful in spite of our bodily mass & the enormity of our baser nature. With the urgency of survival & the hope of nourishment we learn to stalk the place between the dark & the dawn of our lives. We become slow, discerning, strategic masters of the subtlest clues within the vast & endlessly dynamic network of our inner & outer territories.

Through the wisdom of this moon & the teachings of it’s tiger totem, we are given the raw dimorphic power of both the High Priest & the Warrior King to wield in tandem toward a greater purpose. Here we rise up with the strength of the gods discarding our wounds, immune to even our most ancient fears in the name of achieving an unprecedented feat. In the tenacity, the passion, the single-pointed focus of Vishākhā we are given a rare, unprecedented ability to achieve in a flash what we previously thought unattainable.

This is the space where the power of warriorship & worship come together at the altar of the impossible. Proving past all doubt that where we are united within & without, we have the power to achieve & make manifest fruits of life so bright, so dazzling… so irrepressibly possible that they cannot be restrained & reveal themselves suddenly like bolts of lightning unleashing the full force of their power onto the earth.

This is the natural magic of November’s new moon invitation. Holding that even here, we can see clearly through the flash & might of our storms. Here, in giving our singular focus to riding the the tail of the tiger lightly; we have, without even noticing in the space of a single moment achieved the impossible: marrying the great splits of our lives, uniting the lover & the longed-for beloved, healing the heart & coming home to ourselves.

with Love,
Jane Anne