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Madewell × Christy Dawn

Our Madewell collaboration was seven months in the making, and they have been some of the most fulfilling months of our Christy Dawn lifetime. It feels a bit surreal that the collection is finally here, and I’m equally nervous and excited for all of Madewell’s fans to get this special introduction to Christy Dawn! The entire experience of working with Madewell and designing these pieces was an absolute dream. I’m so inspired to take what I’ve learned from them and grow as a designer and business woman.

“The end result was dresses that fit a wider range of body types, which is so important to us!”

What first drew you to Madewell and this collaboration?

I won’t lie, most of my wardrobe comes from Christy Dawn—it’s so hard to resist shopping when I’m surrounded by beautiful dresses all day long! But I’ve been drawn to Madewell since the first time I happened upon one of their stores in Santa Monica. I love their overall aesthetic and the look they’ve created that is truly unique to themselves. Their fun embroidered pieces, well-made shoes and accessories (I once wore a pair of their sandals into the ground!), and, of course, their amazing denim are all what makes them so special. I feel like there are similarities between our brands and also differences—and these differences are what honestly interested me the most. How could our two brands come together in a way that felt true to each of our beliefs and vibes? It was a challenge we both loved exploring!

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Madewell!

It was such a delight to work with Madewell! We put our heads together and looked at which of our dresses made the most sense for the collab. We learned a ton about how Madewell handles sizing and grading, which was so eye-opening. The end result was dresses that fit a wider range of body types, which is so important to us! Once we settled on the styles, my design team and I set off to swatch deadstock fabrics that aligned with Madewell’s vision for the collab. It was a surprisingly seamless process, and I’m really excited about what we created!

Are there any pieces you’re particularly excited about?

I’m partial to the Tallulah, but I’m also a big fan of the Dawn Dress and the Piper Dress. The truth of the matter is, each piece is special!

The Madewell Collection

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