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Shiva Rose and her oldest daughter, Colette Blu, are truly magical creatures. Shiva is an actress turned health guru who now lives in Pacific Palisades with her youngest daughter Charlotte Rose, a cat named Fig, a dog named Luna, a brood of hens and some honey bees. Since making the conscious decision to leave the acting world and devote more time and soul to healing and health, she’s been constantly concocting new magical skin potions and diving ever deeper into the world of healthy living. Her current focus is on her delicious skin care line called Shiva Rose, holistic lifestyle blog called The Local Rose and, of course, her daughters. She also grows all her own produce, collects her own honey and gathers her own eggs, not to mention the countless other little ways she is constantly looking deeper and further into her practice of health, wellness and care for the world that truly educates and inspires us to take better care of ourselves, each other and our earth. Colette (Coco) is currently in New York studying art history and visual arts with a concentration on pursuing acting, but her aesthetic, lifestyle and values are still in tune with the healthy gypsy vibes from home, despite the distance and the clamor of the city. Not only does she have the same ethereal beauty as Shiva, but she has inherited the wisdom and awareness that is necessary to forge a truly self-sustainable and healthy lifestyle in the modern day world. We talk with these two goddesses a bit about what health means to them, what their relationship as mother/daughter looks like and what little shifts and acknowledgements of the basic things such as gratitude and happiness can do for your life and others. The power of talking and sharing this kind of wisdom between generations is so powerful – listening to Shiva and Coco’s unique perspectives tells such a full and complete story that speaks consciously and inspirationally across the generations. We hope you enjoy meeting these two - we certainly have enjoyed talking with them and already have plans to practice living with a little more consciousness and a little more care (and maybe find a space for some chickens in our backyard too).

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

Hello lovely ladies! Can you introduce each other?

Hello, I am Shiva Rose and this is my daughter Colette Blu, who at times feels more like my mother.

Do you find that you two are similar? How or how not?

SHIVA: Yes, we both are sensitive to energy and we have a very wry ironic sense of humor.

Shiva, can you talk a little bit about your shift from acting to skincare and holistic, healthy living?

About seven years ago, I transitioned from being a piece in the world of story telling to becoming a storyteller. I wanted to document my journey into holistic health and wellness, and so I shifted from being an actress to starting my lifestyle blog, The Local Rose. I was healing my body, mind and spirit through developing a deeper connection to mama earth. I had to do this for my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and I felt I could help others by documenting the arc of the revolution happening in my life.

How has the evolution of your career informed where you are now?

Well, I really feel we use all the parts of what we do and part of ourselves whether we intend to or not. I think being an actor all those years helped me have a resilience of sorts. When I started the blog being ‘green’ and holistic were far from being chic. In fact, I was told that some things on my site were too ‘hippy’ and granola. I decided to follow my heart and continue doing what felt right as opposed to looking at numbers and opinions. I’m sure this came from being able to audition for so many years. Actors are very resilient since they are faced with rejection 90% of the time. One of my favorite quotes is my the amazing acting teacher Stella Adler and I think it applies to life in general not just acting. She used to say ‘to be a great artist one needs the skin of a rhinoceros and yet the soul of a rose.’ This means we should be somewhat strong in our beliefs; yet still maintain an innocent, open and soft heart. This is perfect advice for following dreams.

What is the importance of following instincts and intuition?

I feel that is something that is rarely taught, and yet our whole lives are created from the paths we take or are drawn to. This is what we should be teaching children everywhere. Now with less of a connection to the natural world, we need a connection to our deepest self. I practice Kundalini meditation everyday and I feel this has awakened my pituitary gland, and intuition. If I can teach my daughters one thing it would be to be able to discern what is their true intuition. We have to learn to navigate between the chatter of fear and what society tells us, from what is truly our soul speaking. Being in nature, meditation, eating clean vibrant foods, drinking pure spring water, having a spiritual practice all these can help hone our intuition.

How did becoming a mother influence your decisions?

I became a mother at the age of 26 so I don’t really remember not being a mama. I know it has helped me become more structured and responsible which I need to thrive. I am such an airy Aquarian that I need boundaries and a schedule to be efficient. Being a mama has grounded me in that way. It also has been the most heart opening experience and made me determined to want to help our planet for my children’s children.

Coco, how do your mother’s experiences and career inform your decisions about your life and career?

I spent a lot of my childhood hanging out backstage when my mom was working on plays - fascinated by the way talented actors and writers could captivate an audience with a story. I think this is where I first fell in love with storytelling - and specifically acting.

My mom constantly exposes my sister and I to all kinds of art - music is consistently playing throughout our home, she always has a suggestion of a great play to read or an amazing old movie to watch - I consider myself lucky to have her influence.

My mom has also always been extremely health-conscious - which at times wasn’t always fun (I used to have to hide my Pantene shampoo from her) but living on my own now, I’ve had to make decisions for myself on what kind of food to buy and what kind of detergent to use etc. so I often find myself unable to ignore all that my mom has shared with me about the importance of eating non-GMO organic food, and using products without harmful chemicals.

What has been the most memorable advice she has taught you?

To be my authentic self. To be kind, always. To fully commit to whatever it is I choose to do, she always says, “I don’t care what you do - but do it well. If you’re going to be a cobbler, make the best shoes you possibly can!”

What advice of your own would you like to pass on to your little sister?

Everything is going to work out and everything happens for a reason. Take it all in and remember that you are soooo loved.

What advice would you give to your mother?!

Slow down. I definitely admire how ambitious my mother is, but I think she often overestimates how much she can do - and gets run down. She also doesn’t drink caffeine - which amazes me!

What does nature mean to you? What does the city mean? Where do/how can the two coexist?

SHIVA: Nature is my temple, my church, my sanctuary. It is us and we are it. City means culture and humanity and where art can thrive and grow and heal. They can co exist when they respect each other.

COCO: Quiet, peace, beauty - loud, wild, busy - I’m still in search for this balance - I love the electricity of New York, but I find myself craving California’s mountain ranges and the sea breeze when I’m here.

What does health mean?

SHIVA: Health is the ultimate in riches. It is energy and freedom. It is being able to feel good in your body and being able to be awake enough to see the beauty all around.

COCO: I’m starting to understand what exactly health means to me personally - balance, listening to my body, feeling nourished and happy.

What nourishes you most?

SHIVA: Organic, clean, vibrant, alive food and spring water from the earth itself. Also the happiness of my children.

COCO: : moments where I’m reminded that I’m alive - feeling everything - laughter, freezing cold water, love, connection, chocolate, coconuts, a good bubble bath!

What does gratitude look like?

SHIVA: ? Gratitude feels like a loving light that emanates from your heart chakra and grows until it expands towards the land around us, and all the ones we love.

COCO: Having awareness, having appreciation for everything - feeling grateful for the good and bad that shapes where we come from and where we are going.

What does happiness mean to you?

SHIVA: ? Being in gratitude. Being in nature. Being in rhythm with the moon energy and sunlight.

COCO: Being grateful, being present.

Mother/daughter relationships are often complex and mysterious – how would you describe your relationship?

SHIVA: My daughters are my best friends. I haven’t really found them to be that complex. I feel as long as we respect them there can be a healthy form of communication and this is key.

COCO: My mom had me when she was pretty young - so I think in some sense we feel as though we kind of grew up together. Sometimes I feel like we're sisters, or friends, other times I feel like I’m the mom (I told her the other day to wait on getting a second tattoo to make sure she really wants it!)

How do you celebrate and acknowledge your similarities?

SHIVA: Dance and sing to the same music in the car. Cook together. Laugh.

COCO: We’re able to laugh with each other - I think we both look at things from more of a comedic perspective - which definitely helps.

How do you share your day-to-day experiences with each other?

SHVA: Talking on the phone since Coco is in NYC for school. Also telepathy works great.

COCO: We like to Facetime when I’m in New York - it feels like a better way to connect over texting - it's nice to see her, my sister and our dog and cat, Luna and Fig.

You both have such great taste and aesthetic – do you share closets?

SHIVA: Yes we share closets for sure! Someone appreciates all my vintage treasures. I borrow her beautiful Christy Dawn dresses. Wearing the flow-y yellow one as I write this.

COCO: And yes, we share clothes - probably more than she would like! We have very similar taste - I looove all her vintage dresses.

What are you reading right now?

SHIVA: My friend turned me on to a book on natural farming called One Straw Revolution. Also a book on bee keeping, and another on Hindu Goddesses. I love my books!

COCO: The Unbearable Lightness of Being and The Intent to Live.

What are you dreaming of?

SHIVA: A place where we have clean air with no chem. trails and where there is clean, flowing abundance of water. Land somewhere where we can be free and not be told to get our pure children vaccinated. A place where we can grow food without the fear of contamination from GMOS. The ocean in Kauai. The Waterfalls in Big Sur.

COCO: So much. The future, empathy, equal rights for everyone, an understanding that we have nothing if we don’t take care of this planet.

What are you snacking on?

SHIVA: Soaked walnuts and peaches from the farmers market.

COCO: Blueberries and raw cacao.

What are you planning?

SHIVA: My next product for my skin care line called Honey Blossom Mask.

COCO: My schedule for this semester - and to study abroad in London next semester.

What are you going to do after you answer these questions?

SHIVA: Work on my site. Take a hike with our shepherd Luna.

COCO: Make some coffee and then get some film developed down the street.