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Maren Weitz is an architect and designer from the fairy tale lands of southern Germany. She and her partner, Claudia, create beautiful, stark, and humble works reflective of modern lines and midcentury design. Sometimes focusing on lamps and furniture, they also restore and renovate old pieces, modifying and reviving, breathing new life into forgotten relics. Together, their vision is simple, inspired by Munich and Milan, full of taste, purpose and the kind of intoned intentions only Europe can so subtly foster.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

What do you do?

I live in Munich, Germany, and I try to make beautiful things. For architecture and design projects, my friend Claudia and I started a company called Diaz and Weitz. We hope to stay as independent as we are now, being able to live on our work because collaborating helps to develop our approach, benefitting our art.

What sort of purpose do your pieces have?

I try to achieve durability, but in an up-to-date way. I look and try to find design answers for what’s being asked. I like to achieve an aesthetic that’s high quality, but relaxed and appropriate for the setting. In terms of space, it’s important that everything surrounding you improves your life quality, whether it’s flooring, a chair, or a scarf. I want to create something that suits the person living there, but that also reflects my taste. Homes can only really open their beauty if they’re not worn like a fancy dress, but instead are part of the person’s way of living.

What about vintage and other eras makes it into your work?

The stories behind it. They’re all told by details, traces and dents. The 20s / 30s for their understated elegance. The 50s / 60s for their courageous and progressive approach, but many things from all around inspire me. When designing, I believe in beauty, function and a sense of timelessness. I love using nature and handmade materials, elaborating with functional details.

What are you curious about? Intrigued by?

I think creative work is something very personal and my sense of place has a big impact on my work. Every project seems to link to childhood memories and family. But everywhere around the world intrigues me. I want to discover them! However, on the other hand, some of the most intriguing places are right around the corner – familiar spots. For me, the most inspiring place on earth is my family’s little beach house on the northern coast of Germany. …and cooking. Many ideas come to me while cooking.


Morocco. Its people, architecture, food, all of it. I’m going there next, the first trip of the year.