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Jen Humphrey is one of those generally badass women you’re happy to see doing what she does. As the founder and writer behind the AGoGo blog, she not only runs a business, but is in the midst of launching an online store and, just casually, gracing the cover of March’s Playboy. With everything she’s got going on, we were happy to shoot her in our Leah Dress at her house. Between shots, we asked a few questions about what sparks her style and triggers the kind of timeless inspiration we can hardly ever get enough of.

Interview by Lindsey Bro, Photo Story by James Branaman

What’s the story behind AGoGo? What do you have to come?

In French, AGOGO means, “as much as you like, to your heart’s content” — what’s not to love about that? The future’s big, but at the absolute end of the day, I’d love to become a brand stretching across various avenues. Right now, I’m about to launch my “Shop My Closet” page which I’m very excited about.

Your posts are closely tied to music, how do you pick what matches up?

This part probably takes me the longest. I usually sit down with my headphones and literally listen to loads and loads of tracks until one hits me while looking at the images.

What’s your style?

I’m not sure at the moment. I’m always evolving, learning more about myself, and this certainly shows in my style. However, my roots will always have a bit of rock-and-roll edge.

When creating a look, how do you build it?

It depends, but say if I have a dress on, I’d probably look for edgier elements to pair with it. It’s about finding a balance with minimal elements.

What’s timeless?

Minimalism. I love vintage and, over the years, have created a nice little collection of hard-found gems, but I think what makes them all special is simplicity. You can look to icons like Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy and see tastemakers replicating their looks today. Minimal goes far.

What makes a look work?

Again: minimalism. And leave it a bit undone.

We know you love vintage dresses, but what makes you such a fan?

They’re so easy! What’s not to love? Throw it on and you’re ready for the day. It’s also so easy to transition a dress from day to night, saving all the time of going home to change and redo a whole new look.

Besides AGoGo, what do you like to do?

I absolutely love traveling! I try to go on one international trip a year (I missed the last one, but I’m hoping to make it up this year). This year looks like Greece and I’m so excited because I think traveling’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. You get to open up your eyes and see a million different ways of life. I also love discovering new vintage stores, spending hours pouring over their pieces. Even though I have loads of books, I haven’t found the time to finish any lately. I think I have three started at the moment, but don’t know when I’ll get around to them again. I’m a sucker for movies and biographies, though! I look forward to good movies (and not so good ones) for a little zone out every now and again.

What inspires you? Stirs you up. Music, Fashion, Traveling, People...

Everything inspires me, though. Music, fashion, travel, people...they’re like food for the soul.

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