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Katrina | Bobbi Sky PETITE

Katrina | Bobbi Sky PETITE

“I love how this company approaches sustainability and personal responsibility. We all have a duty to protect the limited resources of this planet, and I can feel good about myself at the end of the day for working for a brand that truly supports that.”

Katrina started out as a part-time shop girl in our Venice location. She moved to the factory about nine months later and took on the role of inventory manager. Katrina is an accomplished young adult author, and currently has four books published with HarperCollins. (Last one is called Summer of Salt!) She’s been doing more and more writing for the website, something she says is exciting and challenging because it’s so different than the writing she’s used to.  Her favorite thing about Christy Dawn is how there’s always an opportunity to learn and grow and throw yourself into new tasks. She is going to start helping out with producing photoshoots soon, too!