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Reducing Our Footprint With Each Dress Shipped


The Problem

Mother Earth needs a healthy balance of her most prolific elements - carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen - in each of her spheres (air, land, water, and living things).

The correct distribution and combination of these elements are crucial to creating healthy ecosystems that make up a healthy biosphere. Unfortunately, human activity - including industrialization, deforestation, and large-scale agriculture - has led to an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Simultaneously, other spheres (outside of the hemisphere!) have a lack of greenhouse gases.

One way to restore the natural balance is by actively reducing greenhouse gases.

One Of Our Solutions

Christy Dawn has partnered with 3Degrees and EcoCart to help redistribute the emissions created when shipping our packages. With their help, Christy Dawn and our community invest in projects that either convert potential greenhouse gases into a resource, absorb greenhouses gases into the soil and flora, or create renewable energy to replace greenhouse gas-producing energy sources.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

With help from 3Degrees, we calculated the amount of carbon, nitrogen, and methane released with the transport of our shipments, and partnered with a landfill that captures its biogas and converts them into renewable energy. Even though our shipments release greenhouse gases, the landfill will sequester and convert an equal amount of harmful gases into energy. In other words, our shipments will not contribute to climate change. 

Regenerative Shipping

In addition to the carbon offset that Christy Dawn is providing for each shipment, we are offering our community the option of making their shipments carbon positive. When checking out on our website, you can choose to invest a small amount to offset the amount of greenhouse gases your shipment would have produced, resulting in a carbon-neutral exchange. That small donation goes toward a renewable energy project, a clean water project, or a forestry project that are all certified greenhouse gas offsets.

At Christy Dawn we believe sustaining is not enough, and that instead we must regenerate and heal Mother Earth. This is just one of many ways we have integrated regenerative practices into our business.