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While there is no way she’d tell you this, Steph Johnson is undeniably one of the cool kids of Venice. Born in Corpus Christi, TX, Steph moved out to California in her early twenties, fresh out of a long relationship. The self described “late bloomer” has really come out of her shell since arriving in Southern California. We spent a morning with her planting a bed of vegetables in dresses not meant for gardening and talking about “stuff”.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, Dyke, Grandma, Relaxed

What inspires your taste?

Creative people around me really inspire my taste in everything, whether that be fashion, music, dance, art, etc.

What music are you into? Have you been into?

I’m only answering the former. I love all music, well, for the most part. Music is my passion. I love discovering new music, learning new music from friends, showing them new music. My favorite music makes me feel like I could die. Could burst out in tears at any moment, feel happy, sad, angry, confused, all from one song. Oh, and I also really love a good southern dirty rap booty shaking song.

What types of things are you drawn to?

I’m drawn to things that i’ve never seen or heard before, and places i’ve never been, and people i’ve never met. Things that are made from passion.

What place in the world would you go to tomorrow?

Berlin. I’ve never been, and hear nothing but amazing things about it. Really, i’d just love to take off to anywhere in Europe tomorrow.

What’s your favorite kind of story?

Realistic, brutal, and story’s of raw emotion.

What type of people do you enjoy?

Carefree, Non-judgmental, Spontaneous, Sincere, Real

What sort of stuff do you think is cool?

I like stuff

How do you think where you’ve come from has influenced the type of person you are?

I came from a slightly small town in Texas. A place that didn’t really have any creative influences, or motivation around it. A place that was very closed minded and ignorant. I always knew I wanted to get out. But coming from a place like that slightly stunted my growth in certain areas, a lot of areas. I was kind of a late bloomer when I arrived in LA. Aside from these set backs, it helped me appreciate simplicity, and stay humble and genuine.

What’s one of your favorite things you own?

I haven’t found that one thing yet...

What’s you’re journey been? What’s your story?

Long story short…I got hitched at the age of 20, waited till marriage, left his ass, moved to California….and the rest is history.

What do you hope to do in this life?

I’d really love to not die.

What’s your favorite thing to wear?


What’s something you would’ve never admitted when you were younger?

Something that I still won’t admit.

Why California?

It was either here or New York. I was modeling at the time. My mommy, I still call her mommy, moved to Sacramento a year before, so I chose LA to be kind of close to family.

Favorite color?

Your my boy, blue!

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