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There’s a sense of magic lost in many of our stories. Fortunately, there are a few artists who still return to the threshold of streams and shadow, of gullies and pools, to unearth the wisdom of things that endure. Jessica Seaton’s a California based jewelry designer whose striking work is wrought with the detail and nearly aching beauty of an artist who has found home in her work. Inspired by Big Sur’s bracken and branches, lilting mists and filtered light, her pieces are often of natural formations sculpted in the ancient method of lost wax casting. Imbued by a powerful sense of place (she grew up in Maryland, but has called California home for nearly thirteen years), craft and poetic imperfection, Jessica’s art is a pure expression of her exquisite practice.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

How long have you been creating your works?

I started teaching myself how to sculpt in 2004 and started making jewelry in 2008.

What are you inspired by?

I think I pull shape and lines from natural elements: bones, wood, landscapes; but also nostalgia. I like to find something that makes it feel familiar.

What’s your method / process?

I hand sculpt all of my jewelry with wax (the lost wax method). It is the old world way of making jewelry that’s done entirely by hand, like how they used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. This method helps you to preserve the greatest amount of detail when working with metal.

Why do you produce your work the way you do

I don’t think I would get any satisfaction making jewelry any other way. This method allows it to be a piece of art rather than just an idea or concept made into a piece of metal by a machine.

What inspires your creations?

Again, nature is a huge influence. And people. Memories of my grandmother’s wedding set, or my mom’s vintage pieces; a small ring my father wore as a child. They all play roles in my creative process.

What places are special to you?

Places are definitely nostalgic and they each bring inspiration. Big Sur is a very special to me, it’s a place I will always feel I belong. I think belonging goes hand in hand with jewelry because of the way you feel when you put a piece of jewelry on that just belongs, as if you were never without it.

What are your materials?

My jewelry is made in 18k rose gold and sculpted from wax. The sculptures themselves are done in porcelain.

What sort of spirit do you want infuse in your work?

The spirit of the craftsman. The artisan who takes pride in their work. I think people are drawn to it, the way it holds the energy from whoever made it. It’s not sterile. Bio: Jessica Seaton found her way to jewelry design by way of studying sculpture. The collection is entirely hand sculpted and cast using the ancient method of lost wax. Seaton’s innate creations are inspired by her love for nature, her mild obsession with death, rebirth, the unknown and everything old. You can purchase your own Jessica Seaton hand crafted piece at