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Fernanda Romero is a beautifully passionate being busy making her creative mark. From music to fashion and the spots in between, she indulges where she feels inspired, tinting her endeavors with a uniquely multi-cultural air, always remaining committed to bridging borders and creative avenues alike.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

You have so many projects, can you give a small rundown?

So many things going on right now! In this moment: 1. Finishing my perfume line, Vita Parfum. They’re each made with a vegetable oil base and are beautifully clean. 2. I just finished two wonderful films: Honeyglue and 400 Days 3. I recently finished an EP with my band, The White Cherries. There are so many things happening, but I’m mostly excited to finally share them all!

Can you tell us more about The White Cherries and Sartorial Babylon?

Well, Sartorial Babylon is my blog. I share my favorite things and, along with a couple contributors, we write reviews and sartorial inspired posts. With The White Cherries, we just finished our EP so its time to perform, make a video for the single, all that.

What influences and inspires you?

For my everyday life, music. It’s like a diary to express how I feel so it’s very personal. I get inspired by my experiences, nature, life, love – they all somehow form the core of everything. But peaceful oceans and long sunsets are my favorite.

How would you define yourself?

Adventurous. Extrovert. Passionate. Lover. Unstoppable. Fun.

What’s your style like?

It’s a mix between vintage and contemporary. I’ve always loved my grandma’s closet.

Do you prefer any particular cuts?

It depends on my mood and event, but I love a relaxed style. Effortless is best.

Where would you adventure tomorrow?

I’d have a Palm Springs rendezvous.

You’re originally from Mexico, do you think you brought any of that cultural vibrancy with you?

For sure, being from Mexico is a big part of who I am. Passion moves me a lot and Mexican people tend to be super passionate about many things. We go for it, we’re raised that way. My roots play a lot to who I am and I’m grateful my parents taught me to embrace it.

What’s art for you?

Art is my everything, it’s my world! I would go nuts if I don’t express myself and art’s yet another way to express how I feel. I usually live in my own world so sharing little parts of it feels good.

What are your daily loves?

Ice cream, coffee, my dogs, and being with the person I love.

What are you reading and listening to right now?

Listening: Cut Copy, Wunder Wunder, Phantogram.. Reading: Super Brain by Deepak Chopra

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