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Alexi Wasser is rare combination of beauty and wit. The LA native is responsible for the cultishly popular blog “I’M BOY CRAZY”, where she writes about her experiences with men, dating, piercing social observations, and sex. Alexi‘s words, which offer a unique blend of humor and honesty, are a breath of fresh air in a town caught up in the glitz and glamour of facades. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into something much bigger. Alexi has gone beyond building a blog, she’s built herself a brand. Appearing in national commercials, billboards and campaigns. We really want to tell her story; about how she did all these things, but we figured, since she’s the successful writer, she’d be better at it. So, in a first for us and for her, we asked Alexi to interview herself. Without any further ado, here is Alexi on Alexi.

Story and Interview by Miwa Sakamoto

Thanks so much for even thinking of me! You’ve caught me at a perfect moment to be vulnerable, honest, and forthcoming – as I’m fresh out of a relationship, heart bleeding, and newly single. It’s OK you guys, relax! I’ll shoulder the heartbreak myself, but what you should take away and what I’d prefer to lead with; is the fact that a break up is the perfect time to stay busy, re-invent yourself, and turn the attention back to yourself by focusing on accomplishing all your goals, dreams, etc. One goal i have, if this interview of myself goes well, is getting a Dawn dress named after me. Doesn’t an ‘Alexi‘ dress sound super sexy, modern, and classic all at once? I think so! So, whoever reads this and is on my side, pester the powers that be at Dawn to let me collaborate on a dress design. You won’t regret it. Anyways, back to me talking about myself: I started my website/blog almost 5 years ago. Originally it started as a safe haven for me to journal in public, tell coming of age stories and reflect on everything I was going through/ thought was funny/ or struggling with. I would write as though no one would ever read it. I was slightly grossed out by starting a blog, cuz the word blog repulsed me (as did the word podcast- but my doing one of those would come later. And on a side note of a side note, i’ve actually been thinking lately that blogs and podcast are in a weird way Contemporary Art. Go with me on this. It’s a new time) – but my boyfriend at the time encouraged me. And I thought, ok, if I start one of these blawg things (I spell it BLAWG cuz it makes me laugh and seems less repulsive), it has to be more honest and daring than what other people were presenting at the time. So that’s what I did. I wrote things that terrified me to put out there. I knew I was proud of what I was doing if I was scared to press ‘publish’. I mean, if your just posting safe bullshit, or food pics and selfies, what’s the point? Even though I do love a good selfie. in a way, if you don’t post selfies, it means you don’t like yourself. You gotta give the people what they want: selfies, photos of kittens, and some inspiring mantra text pic – but this is more an Instagram convo than a blog convo. Sorry. Back to what I was talking about. The amazing thing was the response I got. People: girls, guys, of all ages and sexual orientation started emailing me for advice and saying they agreed with something i’d said (be it something very mean spirited, daring, or vulnerable in a way that I was the butt of the joke – that’s my favorite thing actually. me being the butt of my own joke, at least when I’m telling a story or sharing an experience I had. Cuz it makes me laugh. And I have the ability to see myself.) anyways, I knew to keep doing what I was doing because I was getting positive reinforcement from strangers and people I respect. The blog became this thing that really opened up my world.

It quickly became very important to me that people read it, but how? I made stickers, buttons, tote bags – pouring all my own money I made via commercials and acting into spreading the word. I hustled. I would walk around la and ny street teaming, all by myself. Sticking stickers on stop signs, etc. I even got stopped by the cops a few times, but I’m a white girl with bangs, so of course I was ok. Life is gross that way, but I’m appreciative not to have been arrested, or worse. Anyways. I broke into high school campus’s, public and private and pretended to be a student- passing out buttons and stickers and sticking my stickers in every bathroom stall. To this day, I’m still annoyed my teen cousins at the time wouldn’t tag their school with my stickers. oh well, they’re just way more straight laced than i am, and i have to accept that #Barf. I arranged a meeting with american apparel and somehow summoned the courage to bullshit my way into explaining to them that the voice of my blawg is the voice of their female customer – which I truly believe that it is – and got them to advertise on my site. I would go to urban outfitters and put my stickers on their catalogues by the door, to give the impression that my website was affiliated with their brand. I did the same with american apparel, putting my stickers on copies of vice magazine. however, urban kicked me out of their stores, more than once. oh well, it was worth it! As a result of my hustling, which I continue to do everyday: I’ve made amazing friends, realized what I’m good at and meant to do (write, create, act, interview). I’ve gone on to sell tv shows I’ve pitched, to networks like Showtime, ABC, and Amazon. And I’m in the midst of something I’m really excited about right now. More on that later. My blog has morphed and changed. I have a column I love writing, that seems to be one of the most popular things on it, called ‘The Blind Leading The Blind’ and I host a call in advice show every Wednesday at 9pm PST called BOYCRAZY RADIO (available on iTunes) where I (along with the occasional musician/actor/comedian/cool person doing neat and inspiring things guest) give love/life advice to callers. Save the # in your phone, you may need it one day: 646 378-0649 Boycrazy Radio is actually one of the most rewarding things I do, because I actually get to connect with strangers from all over the world and feel like maybe I’m actually helping someone by, if anything, distracting them/listening to them/and helping to make them feel a little bit less alone. I produce a talk show called ALEXI IN BED where I interview interesting people in bed; Like a cozy slumber party you always wanted to be invited to, but weren’t! So that’s what i’m up to. The things that give me the most joy, now that I’m lucky to have realized what I love doing and am meant to do, are: write, create, act, talk to interesting people who inspire me, help people feel less alone/inspire them to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be, and to keep challenging myself. Keep reading Imboycrazy.com or follow me on insta and twitter @alexiwasser to find out how my break up’s going. Not that it’s any of your bizness, but he got a tattoo of my initials on his heart! I’m serious! The photo’s totally on my insta! But don’t worry, it’s not bad luck if it’s AFTER you break up. Lots of Love, Alexi

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