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Enrique | Anya Ocean Rose

Enrique | Anya Ocean Rose

Enrique was introduced to Christy Dawn through his cousin, who is Rocio's (in finishing) husband! He began working with us in March of 2018 and this is his first time working in the fashion industry. "I love seeing all the fabrics come in and organizing them in the warehouse!" Enrique manages our deadstock fabric inventory, and he also measures all of the fabric for Valeria to make pattern markers. Enrique was very taken with the work environment when he started here. He said it's like a brotherhood, and he's never seen anything quite like it. Enrique loves the way Pedro manages the sewing team, and the family Pedro, Christy and Aras have cultivated.

Enrique's wife is a high school counselor, and they have two kids, a boy and girl. When he's not spending time with family, Enrique LOVES to sing! He performs in restaurants in his spare time, and sometimes for us on special occasions.