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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Jyestha Nakshatra

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Jyestha Nakshatra

Just like that moment when we say to others what we most need to hear, this Solar eclipse draws us close… electrostatic like the air before a thunderstorm, pooling with a polarized invisible force. Slowing us to stop at the edge of our senses, where instinct intermingles with the hum of sub-atomic activity silently accumulating all around us. These days are heightened & emotionally taut as an extra-sensory reorganization is at work, permeating the hidden fabric of the very air till the ground itself along with all objects (including people) become so positively charged that they pull the power at the anvil of the storm down to the earth with a flash & wild force unparalleled in nature’s opus.

Here we stand weary with the weight of our uncertainty; our fear shown starkly against the year when time stood still. Looking up into the gaping maw, the gathering storm looks back; saying, “Quick, little one, quick! Remember your strength! Gather yourself & call out to the dark; to the loneliness in the belly of the night winds & cry … cry into the well of the Unknown. Name your healing now in my protection. Speak it to lemniscate core of time itself… to the heart of our galaxy that beats nearby; so close you feel its pulse & promise past the preciousness of memory.

Yes, even here where the black-mirrored waters of mystery collide with a raging fearless flame, stands a gateway; one that seems at first hidden or even impossible, but which opens wide when asked. It is an ancient gateway, latticed with the secrets of the welders of great magic & laden with its consequence. These worlds like words once lost to to the common tongue, have been kept alive as embers against the rain to be found again in time by those who approach with respect…those who dare to draw down their hope like lightning from the circling clouds, thick with thunder & knowledge; of who we have been, who we truly are, & who we must become.”

The signature of this time is unmistakeable, past subtlety & solar eclipses are well known to amplify polarities at play between our inner & our outer worlds. Since time immemorial solar Eclipses have augured the rise & fall of great leaders. They often mark the birth, marriage & inauguration of kings & queens; carrying a special mark affecting those in positions of governance, leadership or responsibility to the masses. In the realm of astrological scholarship this is widely known & in the annals of history it is visibly shown that large arcs of consequence follow eclipse activity in the weeks, months, even years following their imprint. As if the hands of time, law, & karma itself descend upon us, stamping a sacred sigil like an embossed seal onto the eager paper of our earthen timelines.

This new moon total solar eclipse calls the Moon & Sun together under the influence of Ketu (the deified South Node of the Moon) who is famously tasked with denying the appetites of the ego & creating events which catapult us into evolutionary leaps of higher consciousness. Mercury will be just a few short degrees away from this interstellar event in exact conjunction with Ketu, creating a veritable planetary congress in the star sign known to the ancients as Jyeṣṭha अनुराधा (pronounced Jyey-SH-Tah). In translation this star has been called the “Chief or Elder Star,” the “Most Excellent, Most Praiseworthy,” & “The Star of Protection” highlighting it’s deep dominion over issues of taking a stand, stepping into our power, welcoming responsibility & discipline, as well as confronting ego & the politics of dominance.

This star is exceptionally powerful, it is a place where the absolute height of sidereal Scorpio’s mystery accumulates. Jyeṣṭha holds immense karma around the practice & consequence of ritual magic & deals with the discipline as well as the responsibility that comes with secret (occult) knowledge. As the star of protection Jyeṣṭha’s guardianship opens a doorway to a profound & divinely protected opportunity for personal healing where our fear of the Unknown (perhaps our fear of our own excellence or power) can be greeted by the courage & maturity require to face it.

Whatever may follow in the outside world, this eclipse holds a rare interpersonal window to step solemnly & sincerely into private ritual during the time of the eclipse & invoke the special power or “shakti” of Jyeṣṭha which is the ability to rise above our perils, to courageously meet the enemy within, & to conquer the agreements (both conscious & unconscious) that have kept us from standing in the fullness of our self-authority. From here we wield the magic ~ the true healing ~ that is our birthright to work in this world & in our own lives from our book of life.

The core of this star is an invitation to a profound reclamation of Self that acknowledges our pain without indulging it. Jyeṣṭha grants the ability to cast off the ghosts of our lives while calling us deftly forward past our suffering into the positive electromagnetic charge of this exact moment. The ancients say that the result of Jyeṣṭha is the agency to stand up & “become your own hero,” embodying with a flash of supernatural support the full potential of the saying “we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.”

With Love,
Jane Anne