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Full Moon Eclipse in Rohini

Full Moon Eclipse in Rohini

Full Moon Eclipse in Rohini

JANE ANNE THOMAS IS A VERY UNIQUE AND POWERFUL WOMAN. When she was 24, her psychic abilities came forward unexpectedly. It set her on a path spanning 2 decades as a devoted student of meditation, yoga and ancient wisdom traditions that helped to ground and develop her gifts. For the past 7 years, she has been studying Vedic Astrology which is a uniquely Lunar (moon-based) astrological practice that pre-dates recorded history in ancient India. Most of us are familiar with West astrology’s use of the classical 12 signs of the Hellenic (Greek) Zodiac & popular emphasis on your sun-sign, but most do not realize that it does not match up with what’s going on in the sky from our view on earth today. The Vedic system is beautifully distinct for its use of elaborate calculations based on observational astronomy. These calculations made by the honored rishis, scholars & sages of ancient days actually allow for changes in the sky over eons of time giving it the distinction of being “true to the stars” in real time, right now, even today; adding to it’s reputation for a stunning level of accuracy & relatability as anyone observing & learning to follow the night sky will say with a smile.

The Vedic system also sets itself apart in its movingly eloquent use of 27 totally unique signs (as opposed to just 12) giving us a heightened level of articulation. Known as “nakshatras” (or lunar mansions) each of these special stellar abodes hold a different meaning; becoming a mystery school in their own right from which to draw the lessons & invitation of mastery unique to each moment. In a nutshell, it allows not just for observational accuracy but a mind-bending level of specificity & evolutionary guidance that goes beyond anything else we’ve ever seen.

We are honored to share Jane Anne’s wisdom & astrological insight with our community. May these words serve as a useful tool for us all as we move through this lunar cycle.


When the Moon is full it is said that the light of the Soul (the Sun ~ “the Atman” in Vedic Astrological terms) is fully reflected back to us. In Vedic philosophy the Moon is given primacy as the indicator of the true potency of the mind in any given moment. Even as a mirror to the Sun, Moon is seen as a luminary in its own right, a true garden of perception holding a uniquely fertile light of its own. Having filtered out the harmful, overpowering UV antiseptic rays of the sun, the Moon offers a soft compassionate nurturance to anything it shines upon; retrieving fertility where it was once believed to be lost, offering its effulgence, its affectionate softness, its moisturizing nectar ( or “Soma” ) without judgement.

However “she” fluxuates; however she waxes & wanes, the Moon is not just our key, she is the continuum… reflecting the power of our thoughts to entirely determine our experiential reality in any given moment. Whether in challenge or delight; as ally or foe the Moon is our ultimate navigational tool: rudder, mast, ship & sail all rolled up together in one of the most refined points of agency ever gifted to a species. Astrologically when we look at the moon, we turn to the “lunar mansion” or stellar point in the sky she sits in to see what gift, what challenge & evolutionary power is being offered to us.

In the earliest hours of this Monday, November 30, 2020 we witness the shadow of the earth cloaking the surface of a luscious bright Full Moon in the Vedic star sign known as Rohiṇī Nakshatra. In a span of almost 4 and a half hours, the earth will pass between our two great luminaries creating a partial “penumbral” lunar eclipse. Only minutes after its precise peak, the full moon lunation will then be subject to the maximum point of eclipse covering a substantial amount ( about 82% ) of the moons surface before releasing its visible influence. By the time the moon returns to full view she will have already begun to wane ever so slightly in the night sky.

This lunar mansion of Rohiṇī is a star that is known most affectionately as the favorite star of the Moon in Vedic tradition. Rohiṇī is an ancient name for the red gas giant Aldebaran which translates to mean “The Reddish One.” It is also called “The Star of Ascent” or “The Growing One” in reference to its unparalleled capacity to make things grow. In archetype she is the blushing bride: safe, nurtured, cherished & secure in her attachment ~ she is in full flower & excited readiness to receive the full potency of her beloved on their wedding night. In nature she is the rich, fertile soil ready to nurture the seed & unlock its highest potential. She is beauty, charisma, playful affection, ease of connection, emotional security & pure creative inspiration that with time & care easily yield the sweetest, most fragrant & fulfilling fruits of our lives.

True inspired Love lives in Rohiṇī. This is where we want to make the effort, to give the time, & loving attention that create an unshakable foundation; one that is un-intimidated by the triviality & limitation of our surface interactions in the world. Rohiṇī is that rare connection where beauty & desire align with self-less devotion; plunging us past our sarcasm into the innocence, healing & purification of real Love. Here at last, we go deeper than the transactional reality of our ego, exchanging it for the true depth of the heart.

With the lunar eclipse occultation (shadowing) of this incredible sign in full moon bloom we are asked to examine where our restlessness & fixation with “more”, with what’s-next, that ever-tempting comparative sense of lack has robbed us of our capacity to offer our attention, our affection & consistent care to the romantic partnership we each so dearly desire to experience & sustain… beginning first & foremost with the self. Rohiṇī teaches that to be cherished, we must practice cherishing. If we do not know how to offer that to ourselves then we begin by offering it in small self-less ways to others who spark that safe, innocent, courageous playful space to help draw us out of our contraction & doubt. As a gift Rohiṇī invokes that place where we do not strain or reach to know our beloved; where we exhale into the arms of Love with ease & trust that our direct connection to the central creative force is non-negotiable.

Transactional seduction, devotion & creativity will fail here every time. It can produce in the immediate yes, it can “get the job done,” but it will not prevail or be prolific in the long run because it cannot satisfy. Rohiṇī is that point of inspired arousal of not just the body, but the entire Soul; allowing a co-creative interweaving of the emotional, material, & spiritual realms from the higher octave of the Soul’s Dream… that mytho-poetic seat of eros & dust, the affirming (red, blushing) flame which offers us the courage to transcend our suffering. Here in the wet rich, fertile soil of our lives we touch, know & become known to our own limitlessness; abandoning the illusion & attachment of our separateness, becoming like Brahmā - the Self-born, unlocking our undaunted generosity & locating our eternal nature in return.

With Love,
Jane Anne