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Last month, the director of production, Francesca, and design director, Irene, embarked on a transformative journey to India to strengthen our partnerships. Beginning in Delhi and venturing southward to Tamil Nadu, they delved into the heart of our production process. While our ongoing communication sustains our connections, nothing rivals the depth forged through in-person interactions. These trips not only deepen our bonds with the communities and landscapes shaping our dresses but also enrich our understanding of each other’s backgrounds, fostering reciprocal relationships essential to our mission.

Beginning in Delhi, they immersed themselves in the city’s vibrant culture, visiting Fairtrade factories and exploring fabric markets for new inspirations. In Old Delhi, they navigated bustling streets, experiencing the spice markets and local cuisine.

Their next destination was Tamil Nadu, home to our primary partner, Oshadi Collective. Here, they oversaw production at the factory and reviewed excess fabric stock for future designs. They also witnessed the intricate processes of cotton cultivation, weaving, and natural dyeing. Attending a traditional wedding and participating in daily blessings at Oshadi headquarters provided insight into local customs and traditions.

“We watched the Oshadi headquarters get blessed. They gave out fruit and coconut offerings and did a traditional blessing ceremony. You can really feel how much love and care goes into the way the farm is run and being there felt really good.”

A highlight of their trip was a visit to the farm, where they observed the cotton harvest and learned about regenerative farming practices. Additionally, they explored block printing workshops, discovering the techniques behind vibrant colors derived from local plants.

Their time in India reinforced the significance of personal connections and firsthand experiences in nurturing our partnerships and appreciating the craftsmanship, culture, and love infused into our dresses.