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October 2022 Themes, Thoughts & Reflections

Written by Marysia Miernowska
Author, Herbalist, Teacher & Director of the School of the Sacred Wild.

October 2022 Themes, Thoughts & Reflections
Waxing Crescent Moon

Full Moon

October 9th

Full Moon

New Moon

October 25th

The Equinox brings us a balance of light and dark and welcomes us into the season of Fall, with a watery sweet release into the dreamy, creative, intimate and cozy months of the year.

Cyclical Insights

The Equinox on September 22nd sings the song of balance across the Earth and Sky, bringing equal day and night to all of us in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. For just two days a year, all of us on planet Earth experience equal day and night, light and dark.

What would you call this Moon based on
where you live and what you are noticing?

Themes of This Moon

Atmosphere: Walking, gathering leaves, stretching and finding the bliss in the body.

Movement: Cool, crisp evenings and less daylight invite us to tend our body’s inner warmth, our home.

Crystal: Garnet — A stone known to ground dreams into the earth plane. It supports the root chakra, feelings of vitality, safety, and trust in the body. It helps move creative energy and bring inspiration from the Cosmos onto the Earth.

Maple leaf illustration Tree: Maple — This tree is deeply associated with Autumn with its magical array of colors it displays during the fall season. It represents strength, balance, generosity, and promise — all characteristics of how giving it is providing edible aspects of many forest creatures and sugar and syrup for us humans.

Flower: MarigoldsMarigold illustrationThey are a “sun loving” plant whose name literally means “Mary’s Gold,” though it’s used for various spiritual and religious ceremonies around the world from Day of the Dead to many Hindu rituals. They interestingly have polar opposite meanings to some, depending on your perspective: passion and creativity or sorrow and despair.

Herb: Burdock Root — A powerful diuretic and detoxifying herb that has the ability to purify the blood by removing toxins, enhancing liver, kidney, and bowel function all aiding in strengthening immunity. It’s packed with antioxidants, great for digestive aid, joint pain, and seasonal transitions. Also when applied to skin, great for acne and psoriasis.

Burdock root illustration

What’s In Season (Early Fall)

Vegetables: Cauliflower illustration Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Apple illustrationChicory, Chile Peppers, Corn, Leeks, Mushrooms, Okra, Onions, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Shallots, Turnips, Winter Squash, Yams

Fruits: Pears, Persimmons, Quince, Sapote, Apples, Pomegranates

Journal Prompts


What does balance mean to me?

What have I begun releasing and what am I making space for?

What lives in the darkness that wishes to be tended and fed?

What magic inside of me, what creative dreams, inclinations, dreams are invisible to others but wish to make greater contact with my awareness, soul, voice?

What parts of myself would like more attention and intention?

Evening Rituals and Practices to Weave You Into the Energy of Fall

Tree illustration

Nervine tea to transition from work day to evening

Cooking a nourishing meal

Slowing down, relaxing, resting

Self massage

Ritual baths, sauna, bathing, hot tub, any time with water

An evening stroll alone or with a loved one

Watching the sunset

A walk on the beach, time with nature’s water, a swim in wild water

Creating a sensual, nourishing home environment that holds you sweetly

Saying no to anything that feels draining

Creating healthy boundaries, cutting back where energy has been leaking

Canceling social engagements that feel like an effort

Ending your work day

Digital detox

Reading poetry, listening to music, storytelling, playing an instrument, crafting

Making medicine

Meditating, praying, shamanic journeying, doing healing work.

Giving gratitude for your day, reflecting on your day, journaling

Helping a friend, sharing a meal, building safe and loving community and relationships

Giving yourself a little alone time, even if only for 10 minutes

Cuddling with your pet, children, loved one or with yourself