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What better day than today to describe love, my love, and the heart of Christy Dawn.

Like most classic love stories it was summer. During a casual game of pick-up with friends, we locked eyes on the basketball court, and something inside me changed. Like a spark ignited. I just knew. Right then. This person and this connection was something more, something deeper, something good. He must’ve felt it too.

I’ll never forget that first date when he asked me a series of important questions like, what do you want in life? What makes you happy? do you believe in God? I felt naïve sitting in the park and vulnerable, I didn't know if I believed in happiness or God. Looking back, I was certain I failed his test. I remember feeling unsure with my answers thinking, “I want to look at the world like he does” with curiosity, peace, and freedom.

But, that’s Aras. That is his heart. He saw me for who I was, my power, my love, and my potential. He saw something inside me that I hadn’t discovered yet for myself.

Our courtship wasn’t ordinary, but epic, beyond a human experience. Aras introduced me to George, his spiritual teacher. And so, without judgment, I took a leap of faith and together Aras and I created a bond build out of pure love. Learning that right now, right here I am free. Free from sadness, free from anger, free from anything that doesn’t serve me. That there’s a higher power that resides inside all of us and is created with, and for love. My life would be entirely different if I didn't meet Aras. He catapulted me into a spiritual journey of womanhood, motherhood, and endless potential, confidence, and freedom.

But again, that’s the beauty of Aras.

He became my husband and my best friend and aside from being the world’s greatest “Daddy” to our son River, Aras is handsome, soulful, athletic, passionate, loving, curious, eager, generous, compassionate, free, and trusting. He sings, writes, and plays guitar skillfully. He is passionate about yoga and helping others. He is always searching for ways to grow, go deeper, learn and expand his knowledge of the world and the people around him.

Together, he and I are one, and despite what it may look like, Christy Dawn the company is us. Aras does everything from production, management of wholesale, website design, producing our road trips, managing the register, heck, he even built our store.

Aras creates space so that I get to be my most creative self. I wouldn't have been able to embark on this Christy Dawn journey without my partner, my love, my Aras. “I love you, Bubba.”

He is more than a “friend of Christy Dawn,” but the heart and glue of this company and my soul.

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